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Toyota Shows EV Pick-Up & Land Cruiser Concepts At Japan Mobility Show 2023

The Toyota booth features two interesting BEVs in the form of a pick-up truck and a Land Cruiser SUV concept.

At the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Toyota showed off a couple of interesting concepts.

Toyota Land Cruiser EPU Concept

The first is a mid-sized pick-up truck concept called the Toyota EPU concept. It’s more than 5 metres long with a double cab design and a monocoque structure.

Running a battery electric vehicle platform, the monocoque structure features a versatile deck space for a broad range of users.

That being said Toyota did not elaborate on this vehicle’s offroad capacity or its payload capacity. Being an electric vehicle though, you can expect a low centre of gravity, translating to superior handling.

Main specifications

Length (mm) / Width (mm) / Height (mm)5,070 / 1,910 / 1,710
Wheelbase (mm)3,350
Passenger capacity5

Toyota Land Cruiser Se Concept

The Toyota Land Cruise Se Concept was the other interesting BEV concept on display at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. This concept car explores the possibility of combining the Land Cruiser‘s brand appeal with a 3-row SUV that’s fully electric.

It builds on a monocoque body for better on-road performance, but expect some degree of off-road capability to be built in.

What’s really interesting about this Land Cruiser Se is that it features a NEO Steer cockpit that eleminates the need for brake and accelerator pedals. Both functions are integrated into the steering wheel with levers. The wheel itself has been reshaped to look like motorcycle handlebars. The floor space is completely pedal-free.

Main specifications

Length (mm) / Width (mm) / Height (mm)5,150 / 1,990 / 1,705
Wheelbase (mm)3,050
Passenger capacity7

Will These Be Put Into Production?

Toyota are definitely working hard to expand their presence in the BEV space. These concepts bring some pretty wild ideas. We don’t think NEO Steer looks like it’ll be street legal obviously. But there’s definitely a market for a mid-sized electric pick-up truck in the USA. We also think an electric soft-roader Land Cruiser would do extremely well worldwide.

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