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Published on October 26th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Toyota Unveils New Low Slung Compact SUV At Japan Mobility Show 2023

Toyota unveiled many new BEV concepts to revolutionise the future of mobility as well

Toyota has unveiled a number of new BEV concepts set to redefine the future of mobility by being compact, but practical while also being eco-friendly and sustainable, thus making electric vehicles (EVs) that do not have to compromise. These concepts were unveiled at the inaugural Japan Mobility Show 2023, let’s take a closer look.


This time around, I will be addressing the low slung SUV concept that looks more like a hatchback given its low centre of gravity, specifically. Similar to the coupe, I feel that Toyota made it look too “sci-fi” and I feel like a less is more approach would have been better for the exterior design but still, it is a good looking car.

Moreover, Toyota President and CEO, Kaji Sato, at Japan Mobility Show 2023, said, “Welcome to the Toyota Booth! At this Toyota Booth we are communicating a mobility future full of diversity. There are as many diverse needs and values as there are people in the world. The future is not decided by someone else.”


“The future is something we all create. This is what we believe. This is why we made “Find Your Future” the Toyota Booth concept. I know you will find your future among Toyota’s cars.” He added.

He also spoke specifically about three different BEV concepts at the show and told three stories to boot, one for each concept. Without going too much into detail, he essentially stated that the brand aims to redefine what an EV is and how it can improve mobility for everyone by improving on key problem areas.


One of these key problem areas that Mr. Kaji Sato said Toyota would tackle is the issue of being compact but also practical, which, admittedly, a lot of EVs do struggle with given their need to carry more tech and battery packs than a petrol vehicle. He also wants these EVs to have a low centre of gravity which may be harder to achieve.

Of course, it is hard to guess what the final product that thee brand launches will be when this BEV SUV finally hits the market but from the concept, we can see clear influence from both the Prius and also CH-R models as the entire front end looks like a Prius Le Mans Centennial Edition while the rear door handles resemble that of the CH-R.


On top of that, this suggests that Toyota’s Gazoo Racing (GR) team will likely be involved in the designing and production of these new BEV concepts moving forward and I am truly excited to see how close the finished products will look to these concepts. What about you?

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