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Published on December 18th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


JAECOO Unveils Its Malaysian Brand Slogan, “From Classic, Beyond Classic”

With a slogan already announced, when will JAECOO sales start in Malaysia?

The JAECOO J7 is expected to hit the Malaysian market next year. This new premium urban off-road SUV car brand will be introduced as an independent entity with a distinct product positioning strategy. Now we are one step closer to this as the brand has introduced its new brand slogan for the country.

The JAECOO J7, a durable and versatile off-road vehicle, that perfectly embodies the brand’s philosophy of “From Classic, Beyond Classic,” blending traditional automotive excellence with contemporary innovation. It symbolizes the brand’s dedication to fulfilling the dynamic requirements of modern consumers’ lifestyle.

Moreover, in today’s competitive off-road market, resting on past achievements is no longer sufficient. JAECOO, although new to this segment, benefits from its parent company, Chery’s, extensive experience in automobile manufacturing, which provides a solid foundation in R&D, manufacturing, and operations.

This solidifies JAECOO’s industrial foundation, enhancing its advanced capabilities in research and development, manufacturing, and operations for the J7, which features the innovative All Road Drive Intelligent System (ARDIS) for superior performance across various terrains making it ideal for all situations.

Prioritizing safety, JAECOO also ensures that all its models meet global five-star safety standards, incorporating an energy-absorbing cage body, high-strength steel, and advanced ADAS systems to offer comprehensive protection for passengers and drivers. This means all its customers will be able to drive worry free.


On top of that, JAECOO’s approach to intelligent technology, embodied in its “Beyond Classic” philosophy, is highlighted in its advanced features. This technological prowess enhances the smart cockpit with rapid response, smooth operation, and equipped with high-speed response capabilities.

The JAECOO J7 model stands out with its 14.8-inch panoramic screen, full LCD dashboard, and innovative W-HUD head-up display, ensuring a user-centric, fluid interaction between the driver and the machine while its exterior design shows off the brand’s craftsmanship with its traditional but unique strong SUV design.

The JAECOO J7 features straight body lines and robust contours which highlight the “From Classic” off-road style and present unparalleled visual impacts. Meanwhile, modern elements like split headlights, floating roof design, and hidden door handles represent the “Beyond Classic” aesthetics and give the car its duality.

In a fast-evolving off-road market where consumers are focusing more on practical performance and innovation, JAECOO is well-positioned to redefine the off-road SUV experience. By combining exceptional off-road capabilities with cutting-edge innovation, the brand aims to become the preferred choice for a new generation of off-road enthusiasts, exploring the endless potential of off-road SUVs.

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