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Published on December 5th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Retro Havoc 2023 Encore Unlimited Highlights

After the drama surrounding the previous Retro Havoc, this time was way better

I’m sure we all remember the horrific drama and heated debates that took place online following the previous iteration of Retro Havoc earlier this year.

I should know, I was there. I hated every second of being there because instead of it being a car show for enthusiasts, it was a crowded mess of kids running around breaking things.

That is why when I was asked to attend Retro Havoc 2023 Encore unlimited this past weekend, I was hesitant. However, I can happily say the organisers learned from the last show and this time around, the whole experience was far more enjoyable, well, until the crowd showed up again anyway, but that’s a story for another day.

Moreover, Retro Havoc 2023 Encore Unlimited saw a whole slew of cool cars on display, and my personal favourite was the modified Ford F-150 which looks simply amazing. Of course, you had your run of the mill Toyota Supras and Nissan Silvias and the like as well as the official mascot which I call Pinky.

Meanwhile, please note that I am not saying any of the cars on display were in any way average or even boring, it is just that, after seeing these same cars a hundred times over at the previous Retro Havoc, Motor Maniac and more similar events, I am pretty desensitised to most JDM, classic and drift cars at this point that seeing them no longer excites me.

Of course, Retro Havoc 2023 Encore Unlimited did also one up the previous iteration by also including food and drinks on sale via vendors around the event perimeter and we here at DSF will never miss an opportunity to remind our dear readers to support local small businesses so this was a great improvement from the last show.

On top of that, Retro Havoc 2023 Encore Unlimited also had a drift show which we personally truly loved. There was also a “Drift Taxi” experience where for the “low” price of RM50, anyone present could get in the passenger seat of one of the aforementioned drift cars and be drifted around the track with the professional drivers.

Well, at the end of the day, we all know that car shows like Retro Havoc 2023 Encore Unlimited are ultimately about the cars, and I am glad that it actually delivered this time around. I hope the next few iterations also strive to make it enjoyable for enthusiasts and car lovers instead of the clout chasers.

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