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Published on January 26th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Lum-Ga Bodykit Has The Ora Good Cat Looking More Like A 911

Own an ORA Good Cat but want to make it sportier? Lum-Ga has what you want

The ORA Good Cat from GWM Malaysia is one of the first really successful electric vehicles (EVs) here in Malaysia and it has been so since the day it launched. In fact, I see at least one of these cars at least every 2 days where I stay in Subang. Still, the fact remains that the car looks a bit too “Hello Kitty” for some.


This is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, GWM had already admitted that the ORA lineup of cars, including the Good Cat, are primarily aimed at younger female buyers. Knowing your target audience is great but being more generalist can always help more in the long run. Well, get ready to do just that now.

So Lum-Ga, an ORA Good Cat bodykit from Thailand is a good answer to this exact dilemma. In fact, some may even say this bodykit takes the looks of the car in the other direction making it look more sporty and aggressive, but I think it is just right. So would you consider this EV now with this bodykit being available?


Moreover, the Lum-Ga ORA Good Cat bodykit consists of a front bumper, rear skirt, side skirt, spoiler as well as a middle spoiler. In some ways, this bodykit actually makes the car look closer to a new Porsche 911 sports coupe instead. Well, from the front at least, given both cars have similar shaped round headlights.

As it stands, bodykits in Malaysia are becoming more and more popular everyday and while the same can be said for Thailand as well, Thailand does bodykits a bit better than Malaysia, at least in my opinion. This is why bodykits like this Lum-Ga one are the ones I look out for since they really change the entire look of a car.


On top of that, subtlety is also just as nice as flashy bodykits but it is not really up to everyone’s taste. Unfortunately, for me, the majority of car owners do prefer loud and in your face bodykits so they are more popular than low key ones, but this Lum-Ga bodykit is, I feel, just the right place in between loud and subtle.


Interested? Well, skip the entire online process and spruce up your ORA Good Cat today as Lum-Ga does shipping worldwide. For information, please contact either 098-532-4535 or 092-261-4645 (both are mobile numbers).

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