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Published on August 30th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


GWM Introduces ICE To BEV Easy Conversion plan For The Ora Good Cat

GWM Ora also saw its 400,000th vehicle roll off the assembly line

Ora has marked a remarkable milestone with the rolled off 400,000th unit from its production assembly line in China while also launching its latest ICE to BEV Easy Conversion Plan to accelerate the EV adoption in Malaysia in line with Malaysia’s goal of becoming a net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions nation as early as 2050.


The GWM EV Easy Conversion Plan consists of a 2-day extensive test-drive, ICE to BEV trade-in assist, free RM1,000 charging credits as well as a free accessory. With all these added benefits, there is no better time than now to make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs).

Moreover, the GWM Easy Conversion Plan is one of the initiatives to assist potential EV buyers in Malaysia to make the switch from ICE vehicles to BEVs with the chance of an extensive 2-day test-drive in the Ora Good Cat which allows the brand’s customers to have an in-depth EV driving experience with no strings attached.


With the support of the GWM ICE to BEV Easy Conversion Plan, customers can now trade-in their car with support to sell off their ICE vehicle too. The package also comes with RM1,000 worth of charging credits at selected EV charging stations as well as a free accessory as a gift to the new Ora Good Cat owner.

Mr. Mike Cui, Managing Director of GWM Malaysia, also commented, “We take our customers’ concerns seriously in regard to the challenges they are facing to consider fully electric vehicles due to many uncertainties and questions such as range anxiety, charging facilities incompetence and more. Hence, the Easy Conversion Plan could help to resolve their concerns and consider owning their first EV, the Ora Good Cat.”


On top of that, future Ora Good Cat buyers can also also enjoy a complimentary portable and home charger, a 5-year or up to 150,000km warranty and an 8-year or up to 180,000 km battery warranty as part of the new GWM Easy Conversion Plan.

The 400,000th Ora model rolling off the production line shows its strong durability, reliability and global popularity in the EV market. The futuristic design with a playful feline touch has received rave reviews from many Malaysians who commented on its overall design, performance and driving experience after testing it themselves.


For more information, visit the official GWM Malaysia website linked here to learn more about the Ora Good Cat and GWM Malaysia as well.

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