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Published on February 6th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


GWM ORA Good Cat Wins Dual Championship In European Green NCAP

The GWM ORA Good Cat shows off how good it is at doing almost everything

Recently, GWM ORA Good Cat has been awarded top marks by Green NCAP, an independent testing initiative which measures cars on their efficiency and environmental impact. With an average test score of 97 percent, the  ORA Good Cat comfortably achieved a 5 star Green rating and has subsequently been announced as the winner of the Green NCAP ‘Small Family Car’ and ‘Full Electric Car’ categories.


The category winners were measured on the results of their tailpipe pollutant emissions, energy or fuel consumption efficiency, the sum of direct greenhouse gas output and the emissions related to the production and supply of the fuel/energy. Being an all-electric vehicle, of course, the ORA Good Cat does not use fuel but it uses its electricity very effectively.

Moreover, Green NCAP’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was measured separately as part of the testing, with ORA Good Cat achieving the ‘Greener Choice’ award in 2023 for having the lowest impact on the climate over its complete vehicle life cycle.


Additionally, Green NCAP also praised GWM and the ORA Good Cat for its “good efficiency under a variety of conditions,” adding that it “made use of its aerodynamic design and high charging efficiency, helping improve its overall consumption and reducing costs for the consumers.” Clearly, the judges really liked this car.

Having officially entered the European market in 2022, GWM’s vehicle lineup, including the WEY Coffee 01 and Coffee 02, secured Euro NCAP five-star ratings and annual model accolades. In 2023, the WEY Coffee 01 achieved ECAP and Green NCAP five-star ratings, leading in its respective subcategories, showcasing the leading position of GWM’s product range. 


On top of that, the recent recognition of ORA Good Cat by a top European professional institution further underscores the promising future for the brand. GWM has already made significant progress here in Malaysia despite not being in the country very long, proving its prowess and overall efficiency in all markets.

In 2024, GWM will continue to shine in global markets and it also looks forward to bringing more and better vehicles and services to the Malaysian market as well. Stay tuned to see what else the brand achieves and does in the country moving forward and how much more it progresses with all its success and quality products.

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