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GWM Ora Lightning Cat Launched In Thailand Starting From RM172,386

The GWM Ora Lightning Cat was also renamed to the Ora 07 in Thailand

The Ora Lightning Cat electric vehicle (EV) from Great Wall Motor (GWM) has hit the Thai market with a different name, the Ora 07. It has up to 408hp and 640km of range, and a starting price of 1,299,000 baht (about RM172,386). Will it come to Malaysia next?

The Ora Lighting Cat was first unveiled in China in 2021. In the same year, GWM presented Ora at the Munich Auto Show. Many automotive enthusiasts immediately pointed out it’s Porsche Panamera style. With the Ora Good Cat already in Malaysia, will this be the brand’s next offering here? I think so.

Moreover, the Ora Lightning Cat is currently the flagship model in the brand’s lineup and this mid-size liftback has a smooth body shape as well as small round headlights. It also has a sleek roofline and retractable door handles. It measures 4,871mm in length, 1,862mm in width and 1,500mm in height with a 2,870mm wheelbase.  

The Ora Lightning Cat also sports a landscape-style 12.3-inch central infotainment screen. It also has a round three-spoke steering wheel and a digital driver display. GWM also decided to bring only two trim levels of the Ora 07 in Thailand despite having four levels in China. Will Malaysia also only see 2 variants?

On top of that, the entry-level BYD Seal with a smaller battery and a 204hp e-motor on the rear axle costs 1,325,000 baht (about RM175,781) in Thailand. So, the Ora 07 has the advantage of being lower in price. Will this help and if so will the BYD Seal arrive here first to capture more customers before GWM can?

Ora Lightning Cat

The second trim level of the Ora 07 has 408hp and a 550km of NEDC range. Its costs 1,499,000 baht (about RM198,917). For comparison, the BYD Seal with 4WD, 530hp and 580km of range goes for 1,599,000 baht (about RM202,796). So the Ora has a slightly lower price tag but also much less horsepower. 

As mentioned, Thailand is the first overseas market for the Ora 07. However later, this liftback will enter European and Latin American markets. While there is no official word from GWM on whether we will see it in other ASEAN markets anytime soon, we can infer Malaysia will likely receive it sometime in the future as well.

Ora Lightning Cat

We got all this from CarNewsChina and their full article is linked here. Thank you CarNewsChina for the information and images.

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