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Published on February 6th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Tesla EVs Are Apparently Some Of The Safest In The World In The Event Of A Crash

Tesla EV driver walked away with barely any scratches despite the car being totalled

Well, here is a new twist I did not see coming as apparently, the very same Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) that are known for abysmal quality control and crashing into walls for no good reason despite having all the latest safety systems are also some of “the safest EVs” out there, or so this lucky driver who survived a horrific crash states. Let’s review.


Okay, so a Tesla driver in the U.S had (no surprise) fallen off a highway ramp after hydroplaning at 60mph (roughly 97km/h) then hitting a guardrail before flipping over and leaving the car completely totaled and beyond repair but apparently the driver walked away pretty much without a scratch. Was it luck or good engineering on Tesla’s part? You decide.

Moreover, I can never understand how people can be involved in extremely bad accidents like this and walk away completely fine when in a Tesla EV while others who own one have nothing nice to say about the car given how easily they break and how often they require repairs. Sometimes it seems like no two Teslas are alike.


Anyway after explaining the incident on Facebook, the owner of the Tesla EV in question continued in their post, “Teslas are not only beautiful but also incredibly safe.” and prefaced the post by stating that owners of the brand drive what they believe to be “probably the safest car in the world.” I personally disagree as this is just one fringe case but to each their own.

On top of that, there are hundreds if not thousands more cases of poor build quality and panel gaps leading to breaking and even breaking down along with a whole plethora of other problems that pop up everyday on top of the already poor quality services and faulty software so when one or two good things happen with the brand, I tend to get sceptical.


Well, at the end of the day, all that really matters is that this driver was safe and despite the car being too far damaged to be repaired, it is a good thing that at least for this one specific Tesla EV, the brand took care to make sure that the driver would be safe in the event of any accident occurring. Kudos to the brand for that, at least.

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