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Man Drives BMW X6 For 7 Years Without Renewing His Road Tax. How?

The owner of the BMW X6 was caught while on the highway leading to his arrest

Picture this, your yearly road tax payment comes up and in 2024, we now have more options than ever when it comes to paying it, including paying it online on the JPJ app. However, what happens if you forget to pay it for one year? Yes, it becomes a problem but ultimately, not a big one, but what happens if you forget to pay it for 7 years in a row?

Well, while driving on Grand Sepadu Highway, a 59-year-old Malaysian man found out when behind the wheel of his BMW X6 SUV caught the attention of authorities. It was a routine day until his expired Motor Vehicle License (LKM) and road tax, which had lapsed for a staggering seven years, led to his arrest. 

Moreover, the dramatic turn of events occurred 2 days ago, with the arrest taking place around 11:30am as part of Operation Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2024. Talk about bad luck, huh? Azrin Borhan, the Director of the Selangor Road Transport Department (JPJ), shed light on the circumstances surrounding the arrest. 

Azrin stated, according to preliminary investigations, the man had just returned from a shopping trip in Kapar, Klang, near the area. However, his excuse for failing to renew his LKM raised eyebrows as he claimed he only used the sports utility vehicle (SUV) for short distances. I wonder how the authorities took that excuse?

On top of that, he admitted to neglecting to update his name after purchasing the BMW X6, compounding the infractions. In a concerning revelation, it emerged that the vehicle lacked insurance for personal protection, making the whole situation a whole lot worse. 


Azrin also emphasised the severity of the violations, highlighting that the vehicle’s confiscation was mandated under Section 64(1) of the APJ. Following the arrest, the BMW X6 was promptly impounded and transported to the JPJ facility in Shah Alam for further processing.

What’s more, this incident should serve as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to road regulations and ensuring the proper documentation and maintenance of vehicles. The repercussions of neglecting such responsibilities can extend far beyond inconvenience, posing risks to both individuals and the community at large. Please obey the law, always.


We got all this from Kosmo and their full article is linked here. Thank you Kosmo for the information and images.

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