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smart #5 Concept Looks #Larger And More #Ridiculous Than Its Siblings

smart #5 Concept looks to move the brand into larger, more rugged territory.

While Malaysian EV buyers are still coming around to the smart #1 and looking forward to the #3 with its sloping roofline, the brand has now shown the Concept #5. This is a preview of smart’s third electric vehicle with Geely as part owner and manufacturer. While the #3 came across as a mere “coupe” version of the #1, the Concept #5 suggests something a lot different. For one, the concept suggests a much larger vehicle than its siblings and there are also design cues that indicate a more rugged and off-road oriented. It remains to be seen if the production model will be as radical or if it will have any actual capabilities off the beaten path.

smart Concept #5 rear

Technical Improvements Over #1 and #3

While the smart #1 and #3 are built on the Sustainable Experience Platform (SEA), the #5 might just ride on upgraded bones. The biggest indication of this is that the drive system will go from 400-volt technology to 800-volt technology, which usually requires platform-wide changes.

This new system will enable super-fast charging, though this improved charging speed has not been specified. What smart promises is 10% to 80% state of charge in just 15 minutes, which is around half the time what most common EVs can do on the fastest DC charging rates.

The larger footprint of the Concept #5 also allows smart to finally give customers an adequate battery size. On the current smart #1 and upcoming smart #3 models, the largest batteries only have up to 66kWh battery packs and these use Nickel Cobalt Manganese chemistry on the larger packs. The smart Concept #5 promises over 100kWh battery packs but it’s unclear if they’re trying new battery tech to achieve this increase or if it’s just the improvement in size and efficiency that’s doing it. Range on this new model is expected to be just under 550km on a full charge.

smart are also working on incorporating new driving modes to adapt to different environments. ADAS solutions will also be improved on this new model. A new AMD V2000 chip powers the vehicle’s main functions and twin OLED screens. They’re trying funky things on this concept model including integrating a portable speaker in the centre console and experimenting with a ‘zero-gravity’ front passenger seat which comes with a leg rest.

smart Concept #5 Looks

One aspect of the smart Concept #5 that really stands out is the design. It still has the same easy-to-identify look of the current crop of smart products but now they’re taking on a boxier look.

There’s also an animated light bar on the roof, a hidden integrated winch, a folding rear step to get on the roof and some digital screens to indicate tyre pressure and door lock status (though we’re not sure why you’d want to advertise that to anyone but yourself).

What do you think of the Concept #5? Is the spec upgrade something that excites you or is it the design that makes you impressed. Perhaps nothing about this vehicle tickles your fancy.

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