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Published on April 10th, 2024 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Why Consider A Used Alfa Romeo 147 Manual Tomorrow

The Alfa Romeo 147 is one of the least appreciated hot hatchbacks for sale

If you see one on the road and you are car enthuciast, you will surely give it a second look. Sadly most look a little ‘tired’ and unloved and the reasons are simpy this.

  1. When repairs are needed they sit in the workshop car park for many weeks with ‘specialists’ who have staff and space issues
  2. When the car needs to be fixed, it is said that ‘only a handful’ of mechanics can attend to it
  3. Most owners are 3rd or even up to 8th owners and they buy for love and have little cash in the wallets to upkeep this ‘leggy’ italian supermodel.

Well, let us enlighten you and take away some of the misconcspetions about this Alfa Romeo 147.

To start, this is a one of the simplest and basic Italian cars to own and maintain, In fact it is easier to keep running over a sports sedan from a factory in Munich.

Second. You do not need a ‘specilaist’ mechanic to maintain this car. Just a good, well trained mechnaic that can be trusted to advice you what needs to be done and you to have the available funds to do preventive maintenance when he says so.

Do not even think of trying to save money and use ‘secondhand’ parts from ‘reputable’ junkyards. Waste of time and money of course.

New Alfa parts can be sourced and prices are slightly more that Japanese and Korean car parts and slightly lower than german car parts.

Looking to own one. Start with a ‘loved’ unit. If the 147 has been treated badly by its current owner, then the selling price will have to be below RM8k. If the owner has looked after the exterior and interior trim and the car just needs under the hood attention, then you can part with RM16k to RM25k depending on engine size, model and year.

Here we have a unit that was recently purchased by the sub-editor and after owning Munich made cars in the past, he has take on an Italian ‘manual’ 1.6L normal aspirated hot hatchback. He must have had the confidence after hearing about the opening of Stellantis in Malaysia.

Alfa Romeo 147

Interestingly, this 147 (Type 937) was designed by Walter de Silva and Wolfgang Egger. The 147 received praise for its styling on launch, later it won styling awards. The 147 range was revamped in 2004, with the exterior styling changed to resemble the popular 159 sedan.

Right after purchase, this 147 was sent to our suggested trusted mechanic and after two days of preventive maintainence repairs and replacment and a bill of less than RM1.9k, this 147 is running sweet and tunring heads where ever she is seen.

So, do not be afraid of owning a 147, as long as you have a trusted mechanic like ours, or just contact us and we will share his location and cell number for your happy Alfa ownership.

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