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Published on May 15th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Blueshark Expands Local Dealership Network, Launches Ride4Free Test Ride Festival

If you have been wanting to try out BlueShark, then now is your chance

Blueshark, a pioneering subsidiary of Sharkgulf Technologies and the innovative creator behind the advanced R1 smart electric scooter, has announced a significant expansion of its dealership network across Malaysia. This strategic move is set to enhance customer experience and accessibility to cutting-edge electromobility solutions.


The addition of new dealerships will expand Blueshark’s reach nationwide, encompassing key regions such as the Klang Valley, the northern and southern parts of the country, and East Malaysia.

Moreover, Jeff Chong, Group CEO (ASEAN) of Blueshark Ecosystem Sdn Bhd, expressed his excitement over the integration of new dealers into the Blueshark family. He highlighted the company’s ambitious growth plans, which include the expansion of the BlueStation battery swapping network to 15 locations throughout the Klang Valley and increasing the number of dealerships to over 30 across eight states. 

The dealership expansion includes the landmark establishment of Blueshark Southern in Johor Bahru, marking the first of the brand’s flagship store outside the Klang Valley. This flagship store is designed to spearhead the brand’s operations in southern Malaysia, offering a full suite of services as a dedicated 3S (Sales, Service, Spare parts) centre.


On top of that, it will also support dealer operations and order fulfilment in Johor. Plans are underway to establish more flagship stores in other key locations nationwide, further cementing the brand’s presence across Malaysia. To celebrate this milestone, Blueshark launched the “Ride4Free Nationwide Test-Ride Festival,” running from 15 May to 30 June 2024.

This campaign invites the public to experience the Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter firsthand at selected dealerships. Participants who test-ride the R1 and share a picture on their Facebook page, while liking and following the brand and the participating dealer’s pages, will receive an exclusive cap.

The Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter boasts Malaysia’s first commercially available battery swap infrastructure, providing multiple charging options. Riders can recharge the scooter from any standard wall socket, remove the batteries to charge via a home charging kit, or use the expanding network of BlueStations. 


With an impressive range of up to 110km on a single charge, a top speed of 90km/h, and advanced technology features such as an ADAS system, over 70 sensors, an IoV-enabled Smart ArkRide OS with an HD display, front and rear cameras, GPS/4G, Bluetooth integration, and built-in speakers, the R1 sets a new standard for smart electric scooters.

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