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Published on May 14th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Why Are So Many Malaysians Excited About The Latest “FFF” Number Plate?

It seems like not all Malaysians who claim to be “struggling” are really struggling at all

The Land Transport Authority (JPJ) has recently launched the “FFF” special licence plate series, generating a significant buzz among Malaysians. This unique series is now open for bidding through the JPJeBid platform until 15 May 15 2024, at 10 pm. The excitement surrounding this release is palpable, and here’s why.

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Special number plates in Malaysia have always attracted considerable interest, and the “FFF” series is no exception. These plates are often seen as status symbols and can be highly sought after for their exclusivity and prestige. The bidding process is expected to be competitive, as individuals and collectors vie for the chance to own a distinctive piece of automotive history.

Moreover, one of the main reasons for the excitement is the potential for the “FFF” series to break previous records. The most expensive licence plate in Malaysia to date is “GOLD 1,” which set a high benchmark. Many are speculating whether “FFF 1” will surpass this record, adding an element of suspense to the bidding process. 


The JPJeBid platform has made the bidding process more accessible to a broader audience. Interested parties can easily place their bids online, making it convenient for everyone from seasoned collectors to first-time bidders. This ease of access is likely to increase participation and drive up the prices of these coveted plates.

The JPJ has set the base prices for the “FFF” series as follows, RM300 for Normal numbers, RM800 for Hot numbers, RM 3,000 for Special numbers and RM 20,000 for Gold numbers. These tiers provide options for various budgets, allowing a wider range of bidders to participate. 

On top of that, while the “Gold number” plates are expected to fetch the highest bids, even the lower-tier numbers are likely to attract significant interest. In Malaysian culture, special number plates often carry personal or business significance. Still, this does not justify the excitement or the price, at least for me given the current economy.

Still, being the superstitious lot we Malaysians are, many believe that certain numbers can bring good luck or are easier to remember, making them more desirable. The “FFF” series, with its repetition and symmetry, is particularly appealing from a numerological perspective, further driving demand.

Still, given how inflation has been steadily rising over the past 2 decades yet our salaries remain largely the same as 20 years ago for the average college graduate, I can’t see why people here don’t get outraged and ban these number plate sales like they did McDonalds then get upset when people accuse them of only caring when it serves their own ego.

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