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Published on June 4th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Modenas Begins Exporting Made In Malaysia Kawasaki ZX-6R Motorcycle To China

Modenas makes history by exporting motorcycles made in Gurun, Kedah to China  

Motosikal dan Enjin Nasional Sdn Bhd (Modenas), a subsidiary of DRB-Hicom Berhad, is celebrating a monumental achievement today as it commences the export of the Kawasaki ZX-6R, assembled in its factory, located in Gurun, Kedah, to China.


This event marks a significant milestone, not only in recognizing Modenas’ success but also in highlighting the fruitful partnership between Modenas and Kawasaki, spanning over three decades. Modenas stands as one of only two non-Kawasaki companies globally entrusted with the production of motorcycles for the esteemed brand.

Moreover, the momentous occasion was commemorated by Roslan Roskan, Chief Executive Officer of Modenas, overseeing the sealing of four containers containing a total of 112 units of export motorcycles and all the VIPs present simply could not contain their excitement for this historic moment. 


The ceremony was graced by the presence of Badrol Ghazali, Head of Inland Tax Department, Kedah State Royal Malaysian Customs Department, and Lee Hock Ben, Head of Facilities and Facilities Control, Kedah State Royal Malaysian Customs Department, alongside other key members of the management from the Kedah Royal Malaysian Customs Department and Modenas.

Roslan expressed, “Today’s milestone not only signifies the strength and depth of our partnership with Kawasaki but also underscores Modenas’s manufacturing prowess, skills, and the dedication of our workforce.”


On top of that, he added, “The strategic collaboration between Modenas and Kawasaki has not only broadened our brands’ product offerings but also facilitated technology exchange, strengthened networks, and opened doors to new markets. All of these factors have significantly contributed to our mutual growth and success.”

The timing of motorcycle exports to China coincides with the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China, emphasising the importance of business collaboration and enduring ties between the two nations, further strengthening the automotive relationship we have.

What’s more, during the event, Modenas provided insights into the meticulous assembly process of the ZX-6R, showcasing Kawasaki’s advanced technology. Kawasaki’s decision to designate Modenas as the chosen Southeast Asian factory for the ZX-6R underscores its production quality, cost efficiency, and delivery performance.


In September 2023, the Modenas factory underwent a rigorous audit by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and was officially certified as a factory capable of producing products for export to China. This certification adds to Kawasaki’s acknowledgment of Modenas’ competency.

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