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Published on June 24th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Will The Xpeng M03 EV Sedan Arrive Under Bermaz In Malaysia?

With so many other Chinese brands already here, the Xpeng M03 seems likely

Xpeng, the innovative Chinese automaker, is poised to make waves in Malaysia with the anticipated launch of its latest electric vehicle (EV), the M03, in 2024. This compact electric sedan, previously known as Mona and recently unveiled by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), represents a significant leap forward for the brand in design.


The Xpeng M03 stands out as the smallest and lightest sedan in Xpeng’s lineup, measuring 4,780mm in length, 1,896mm in width, and 1,445mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,815mm. These dimensions highlight its compact nature, ideal for urban environments where space efficiency is paramount.

Moreover, under the hood (figuratively, of course), the Xpeng M03 is powered by either a 140kW or 160kW electric motor, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to offering versatile powertrain options. The vehicle is equipped with BYD’s blade batteries, ensuring not only impressive performance but also a CLTC range of over 550km, eliminating range anxiety.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Xpeng M03 targets both the burgeoning ride-sharing sector and discerning individual consumers. Its integration of AI-powered technologies promises a smart EV experience, enhancing convenience and safety through advanced driver-assistance systems and intuitive connectivity features.


On top of that, enthusiasm is building as Xpeng prepares for the official launch of the M03 in Q3 2024, with expectations set for a price point below 200,000 yuan (approximately USD27,600 or about RM129,504). This aggressive price aims to make EVs more accessible to a broader audience, potentially reshaping the market dynamics in Malaysia and beyond.

As Xpeng prepares itself to enter the Malaysian market, stakeholders are eagerly anticipating how the M03 will be received. With its blend of efficiency, innovation, and affordability, the Xpeng M03 is poised to revolutionize the EV landscape. Many are also excited to see who will bring this car into the country, will it be Bermaz Auto?

In conclusion, Xpeng’s strategic move into Malaysia with the Xpeng M03 signifies not just a product launch, but a statement of intent to lead the charge towards a sustainable automotive future while meeting the evolving demands of global consumers. 

The stage is set for Xpeng to make a significant impact, introducing Malaysians to a new era of smart mobility driven by electric innovation, now all that is left is to see who takes this step.

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