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Published on May 4th, 2013 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez



Boosted by his experience in the Petronas Malaysian Cub Prix Championship, Muhammad Hafiza Rofa dominated the opening round of the 2013 SIC Ninja 250 Cup as the 17-year old rider from Kuala Terengganu swept aside his rivals to cruise into a double victory at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) here today.

Delighted with his sensational success, Hafiza, winner of the opening two rounds in the Wira category in the cub prix championship, declared that he would be making a two-pronged attack to win both championships this year. The duo took the top two positions for both races in the opening round today; and they were simply a class above their rivals. Muhammad Fairuz Nasir took third place for Race 1 while the second race had lady rider Siti Norafizah Muhammad on the final step of the podium.
Underlining his supremacy today, Hafiza also topped the Open 250 races though his ‘victory’ in both races were not classified as he was the only rider using a Moto3 machine. He, however, was full aware of the situation and was granted permission to race by the race stewards on conditions that his results would not be officially classified. Commenting on his victory, Hafiza said that he was very happy with his performance and is looking forward for the next round, which is scheduled from May 31 to June 2.  Defending champion Muhammad Ammar Hafiq Rauzan was soundly beaten in Round 1 as he finished ninth in Race 1 and sixth in Race 2.  

Sixteen-year old Fairuz was the best performer amongst the six riders recruited from the KBS MAM Kapcai National Endurance Championship; with his third and fourth finishes in Race 1 and Race 2 respectively.
Fourteen-year old Amirul Shafiq Ahmad Shahril Sham, overall champion of the national kapcai endurance race, managed two Top 10 finishes as the Form 2 student completed Race 1 in eighth position and Race 2 in ninth position.

2013 SIC NINJA 250 CUP – ROUND 2 Sepang Circuit – 5.543km  Top 10 Finishers
Results – Race 1 (8 laps)   
1.Muhammad Hafiza Rofa (Kawasaki) 21:38.628s
2. Muhammad Shafiq Rasol (Kawasaki) 21:40.700s
3. Muhammad Fairuz Nasir (Kawasaki) 21:54.252s
4. Muhammad Aziq Jumali (Kawasaki) 22:03.610s
5. Siti Norafizah Muhammad (Kawasaki) 22:07.525s   
6. Has Fauzan Hassan (Kawasaki) 22:08.077s
7. Muhammad Izzat Mohd Abdul (Kawasaki) 22:18.801s
8. Amirul Shafiq Ahmad Shahril Sham (Kawasaki) 22:28.466s
9. Muhammad Ammar Hafiq Rauzan (Kawasaki) 22:32.342s
10. Amirul Azhar Mohd Hasnan (Kawasaki) 22:39.107s
Results – Race 2 (8 laps)
1.Muhammad Hafiza Rofa (Kawasaki) 21:45.733s
2. Muhammad Shafiq Rasol (Kawasaki) 21:45.781s
3. Siti Norafizah Muhammad (Kawasaki) 22:00.352s
4. Muhammad Fairuz Nasir (Kawasaki) 22:00.973s
5. Muhammad Aziq Jumali (Kawasaki) 22:17.032s
6. Muhammad Ammar Hafiq Rauzan (Kawasaki) 22:18.387s
7. Has Fauzan Hassan (Kawasaki) 22:19.663s
8. Muhammad Hamizan Afiq Abdul latif (Kawasaki) 22:30.809s
9. Amirul Shafiq Ahmad Shahril Sham (Kawasaki) 22:46.836s
10. Muhammad Aiman Muzammer Khairul Anuar (Kawasaki) 22:47.213s

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Daniel has 14 years experience as a motoring editor/reviewer and photographer. He is also the editor of Asian Auto magazine for 12 years and is currently hosting the third year of the radio show ‘Car Tunes’ which is on every Saturday on LiteFM 105.7 from 12noon to 1pm.

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