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Published on November 4th, 2010 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Time To Attack: Sepang – Round 3: Old record time smashed by new champion

‘The Final Call’ was the last chance for drivers to get on board for the final round of Zerotohundred.com’s Time To Attack that will be an invitation-only event for the fastest drivers to hack it out on the asphalt of Sepang International Circuit and stake their claim to be the fastest man around the Sepang International Circuit. The previous fastest time of 2:30:421 was set in the first round by Farriz Fauzy in his Links tuned Nissan GT-R R35. The time, which was set in damp conditions, stood strong in Round 2 but was shattered in Round 3 by the Kazama Autoworks tuned Honda Civic Type-R that blazed the track in a blistering time of 2:28:249.

It may seem like a David vs Goliath battle with a Civic Type-R besting the time of a supercar like the GT-R
but the point of the matter is that both cars sported totally different levels of engine tuning. While the GT-R had a street tune to it with minor engine mods and street-biased tyres, the Kazama Autoworks Civic Type-R resembled a track machine. Although the car didn’t have a roll cage, it did run on slick tyres and a semi-stripped interior.

That being said, this time around more of the cars got closer to the previous fastest time with another
car beating it first early on before the Kazama Autoworks car bested it on the final run before the track
was closed.

Conditions were near perfect this time around and right from the get go, the times indicated that
Farriz’s time would not make it past this round. The first participant to beat Farriz’s time was the time-
attack-prepped Garage R Nissan Silvia S15 driven by Ling Ken Ji that did it almost immediately off the
block with a time of 2:28:720.

Following that plenty of the turbocharged 4WD machines came close, notching up times in the 2:32 range. A number of those cars however were running with stripped interiors and were hence moved into the Racecar category.

As the day progressed though, it did seem like Ken Ji’s time would stand top of the pile but the Kazama
Autoworks boys kept saying they had it in them. True to their word, on the final run for their class they
clocked in a time to comfortably beat Ken Ji’s time.

At the end of the day, the Final Call round of the series lived to expectations. It was meant to be the last
shot for drivers to make it into the invitation-only final round in December and they drove like it was,
putting out fast lap after fast lap. In every group, the fastest time was at least in the 2:32 to 2:33 range.

With this round done and dusted, all eyes will be on the Hall of Fame to see who has made it into the
final round in December to slog it out for top honours.

The Time To Attack: Sepang series is organized by Zerotohundred.com in collaboration with High
Performance Challenge (HPC) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Zerotohundred.com, the leading
automotive enthusiast network in South East Asia.

Top times from the event will be listed on the Hall of Fame for each category. Each Hall of Fame will be a
permanent feature on Zerotohundred.com, effectively according each listed driver bragging rights over
his competitors.

For more information on the event and the Hall of Fame, log on to www.timetoattack.net. ;

Fastest Lap Time for NA Street Cars
1. Andy Kazama: FD2 Honda Civic Type R: 2:32.209
2. Taj Madira: EG Honda Civic: 2:35.299
3. Kesavamoorthy Ayyavu: DC5 Honda Integra Type R: 2:36.199

Fastest Lap time for Turbo and Forced Induction Cars
1. Jon Teo: Mitsubishi EVO 6: 2:32.24
2. Andy Lee: Subaru Impreza S204: 2:33.150
3. Hsiao Tung Wei: Subaru Impreza WRX: 2:37.164

Fastest Lap Time for Supercars, GT Cars and Racecars:

GT Cars
1. Adam Muza: BMW E46 M3 CSL: 2:37.252
2. Les: Lotus S1: 2:41.370
3. Colin Chow: Lotus Exige S: 2:42:093


1. James Lee: Nissan GTR R35: 2:30.097
2. Jeremy Lee: Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera: 2:31.228
3. Shedden Ee: Audi R8 V8: 2:34.673

Time Attack Machines
1. Andy Kazama: FD2 Honda Civic Type R: 2:28.249
2. Ling Ken Ji: Nissan Silvia S15: 2:28.720
3. Jacky Chuan: Subaru Impreza WRX STi: 2:31.148

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