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Published on January 6th, 2011 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


BMW’s New 6 Series Coming To Malaysia

In coming weeks, BMW will be launching their next generation 6 Series in South Africa. A number of Malaysian journalists will be attending and they will return with their review and pictures in print the following month. Meanwhile, you and I know for a fact that the 6 Series buyer is not going to make his decision based on same review by a Malaysian journalist. At his status, he buys a car like the new 6 Series simply because he likes the way it looks, is impressed by the performance figures and wants to be seen in one when he drives up and down Solaris and Bukit Bintang. So let us give you the important relevant facts here today……and some nice pictures.

For 2011, the new BMW 6 SeriesConvertible cabrio comes with a multi-layer roof – which has been optimisedonce again in terms of its acoustic properties, thermal insulation andstructural rigidity – has fins projecting out along the flanks of into the rearsection, accentuating the car’s gracefully sweeping silhouette even more elegantlythan on its predecessor. The automatic opening and closing operation for theroof is activated as standard using a button on the centre console. The ComfortAccess option allows the roof to be opened or closed using the remote controlbutton on the car key. Opening the roof takes 19 seconds, with closing taking24 seconds. Both operations can be activated while on the move at speeds of upto 25mph.Despite its lower height, the new 2+2 BMW 6 Series Convertible offers greaterheadroom in both the front and the rear, and height adjustment of the driverand front passenger seats now cover a greater range too. The cabin of the newBMW 6 Series Convertible is both driver-focused yet comforting and envelopingfor passengers. High-quality materials, carefully co-ordinated colours andmeticulously formed surfaces combine to produce an ambience defined by luxury,sweeping dynamism and stylish functionality. In tune with the rest of the car’soptimised performance and greater comfort, the new BMW 6 Series Convertible isfitted with newly developed lightweight seats with an integrated seatbeltsystem, and Easy Entry function to the rear passenger compartment: a brief tapof a switch automatically moves the seat as far forward as possible. Sportsseats and, for the first time, Comfort seats can be fitted as an option too. Boththe standard Dakota leather and optional Exclusive Nappa leather come withBMW’s exclusive SunReflective Technology: a special treatment of the leatherintegrates colour pigments which reflect the infrared rays of sunlight,significantly reducing the build-up of heat on the surfaces when the car isparked with the top down.
Thenew BMW 6 Series Convertible is available from launch with two petrol engines:the 650i and 640i. Both offer unique character from their respective V8 andinline six-cylinder engines through the use of twin and single turbochargertechnology to produce even more responsiveness and flexibility, exceptionalsmoothness and efficiency and, of course, high power levels.
The 4.4-litre eight-cylinder engine in the new BMW 650i Convertible is uniquein that the brace of turbochargers are positioned in the V-shaped area betweenthe cylinder banks. This design results in more efficient packaging and greaterengine efficiency. A maximum 407hp is developed between 5,500 and 6,400rpm,with peak torque of 600Nm available between 1,750 and 4,500rpm. The new BMW650i Convertible sprints from zero to 62mph in 5.0 seconds, with a top speedelectronically limited to 155mph. For a model of such blistering performanceand refinement, it is also extraordinarily efficient, with average combinedfuel consumption of 26.4mpg and CO2 emissions of 249g/km.The six-cylinder in-line engine in the new BMW 640i Convertible uses singleturbocharger technology alongside petrol direct injection with VALVETRONICfully variable valve control. This enables the 3.0-litre unit to develop amaximum 320hp at 5,800rpm and maximum torque of 450Nm between 1,300 and4,500rpm. This engine propels the BMW 640i Convertible from zero to 62mph in5.7 seconds and on to an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.Perhaps even more remarkable are its efficiency figures. The BMW 640iConvertible achieves 35.8mpg on the combined cycle, while CO2 emissions areonly 185g/km, proving that at BMW luxurious sporting performance does not comeat the expense of economy. Indeed, this model is fitted as standard with anautomatic transmission that features Auto Start-Stop technology and anautomatic active air flap control behind the car’s kidney grille for optimumengine performance.As with all BMWs, both derivatives of the new 6 Series Convertible comes with araft of BMW EfficientDynamics measures to reduce fuel consumption andemissions. In addition to the features highlighted on the 640i Convertible,both models have technology such as Brake Energy Regeneration, Electric PowerSteering (EPS), the need-based operation of ancillary components andintelligent lightweight construction to ensure maximum efficiency as standard.An eight-speed Sport automatic gearbox is standard fitment on both models, andits wide range of ratios offer a perfect balance of muscular, sprintingperformance, refined high speed cruising and low speed efficiency.In the new 6 Series Convertible, BMW ConnectedDrive provides a range of systemsand services which, even in the premium luxury segment, are unique. Featuressuch as Surround-view, BMW Night Vision with pedestrian recognition, ParkingAssist, Lane Change Warning System, Lane Departure Warning System, and SpeedLimit Display are all offered.The new BMW 6 Series Convertible is also the only car in its segment to beavailable with a Head-up Display. The latest generation Head-up Display systemuses a broader palette of colours and three-dimensional graphics to create aneven sharper image.A 12 GB hard disk can store numerous forms of music, while BMW Online systemsconnect the driver and passengers with the wider world through an integratedSIM card.It isn’t all play and no work though: BMW is the first carmaker in the world tooffer in-car email display via Bluetooth. In the new BMW 6 Series Convertible,owners of a BlackBerry smartphone can access their mobile phone’s email folderusing the iDrive control system. Using a new Bluetooth interface to integratethe BlackBerry into the vehicle, it is possible to receive emails, show them onthe Control Display and have them read to you aloud using a text-to-speechfunction.The new BMW 6 Series Convertible comes with the highest ever level of standardspecification on a Six. 

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