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Published on January 7th, 2013 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Bosch C3 home portable battery charger

If you have more than 1 car in your house or if you travel often or even if you have a few classic cars that sometimes get driven on weekends only, then it is time to read this article. This is the Bosch C3 portable battery charger for home and maybe even professional use. It avoids damage to the electronics in modern vehicles from voltage peaks when recharging batteries. Modern cars are equipped with a lot of electronic systems that actually stay awake and work silently when you turn of your ignition and sleep. These systems use up your battery power while the car is switched off.

Also it must be noted that high end stereo sound systems, daytime running lights, and many other electrical convenience functions in your car place a high demand on a vehicle’s battery which can lead to discharge, sulfation, or acid stratification. The best way to ensure reliable starting of your vehicle is to keep a regular check on the battery charge, especially in vehicles not used regularly, such as motorcycles and classic cars.

It is easy to operate. Just unplug your battery’s positive and negative leads. Plug in the Bosch leads and turn on the power. The battery will not be overcharged and once done it will stop and a green light will come on. Easy and simple. Now on sale at all Bosch outlets for RM238.00 only.

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