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Published on December 13th, 2013 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Grass Racing Autosports Nationals Autocross Championships Round 4 – Moving into Round 5


It was a blistering Round 4 in Sepang International Circuit Car Park. For the first time ever, GRA used the other side of the carpark instead of their usual PA3. Running the GRA Autocross in PA1, proved to be a very unique ground as it was filled with plenty of straights and braking points were the separator between the men and the boys. GRA Nationals Autocross Championships is sponsored by Mazda, Red Line Oil, Vanli Genuine Parts, Bardahl Malaysia, Ghee Hiang Teelseed Oil, Arospeed, Heritage Village, Motorsports Playground, Euroscale,, PG Perma Glass, WhiteLine, and Gophers GPS for the 2013 season.


Ivan Khong from Team Red Line Arospeed in his Subaru Impreza managed a 3rd Overall in this round with Terence Soh in his Mitsubishi Evolution X taking 2nd Overall. Terence took 1st in the Open Class ( Beyond 2500cc ) with Ivan taking a very close 2nd.


This is the first time that Terence managed to deny Ivan his usual 1st in Class, as the split time difference of 3 runs cumulative was only 0.221 secs. It was a hard fight between the two drivers as both are experienced hands in autocrossing. Mitch Chong took 1st Overall with his super lighten Proton. Bardahl Additives were there to back Andy Kow in his Subaru Impreza and he took 7th in Class OD as he struggled with a newly built engine. Bardahl’s involvement includes supporting the drivers with their famous B1 Engine Oil Additive for every driver in each round. Mr. Lee, Managing Director along with Mr. Leong, General Manager of Cycar Parts and Accessories is present in each round along with his team to support and provide assistance to all the participants. Known for their ‘No Oil Run’ feat in the 90s with their Bardahl B1 they are in GRA to enhance their brand presence.


Bermaz Motors Sdn. Bhd. the sole importers and distributors of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia had both their Mazda 6 Sedan and Touring Wagon on display. Powered by their iconic Zoom-zoom tagline, the Mazda 6 did the safety laps to check the course layout with Ian behind the wheel. Mazda’s commitment into creating fun to drive cars is a testimony of the presence in GRA.


Christopher Chong in his Team Red Line Mazda Miata who did very well in Round 3 with a 3rd Overall managed a 6th in Class OD with him being the only normally aspirated rear wheel drive car in a field of turbo dominated cars. An awesome achievement for a well balanced Mazda in a good driver’s hands as Chris took the fastest Mazda trophy award and as well as the Fastest RWD NA trophy. In Class OD Novice, Steve Kok in his Mazda Miata from Team Gophers took top spot from Daniel Loh in his Team Vanli Subaru and Simon Oh in his Whiteline Subaru Forester in 2nd and 3rd respectively. It was a good day for the Mazdas.


The surprise partners of 2013 is probably the introduction of Penang’s famous ‘tau sar pneah ‘ biscuit company Ghee Hiang. Karen Puah, Brand Manager of the Ghee Hiang company brought freshly baked biscuits for some of the competitors that pre-ordered prior to the event day. It was a refreshing start on race day as the Ghee Hiang brand is now known amongst the people in the motorsports fraternity. The Ghee Hiang Subaru Impreza was on display and should be headed back to Penang soon for display at their famous shop at 216 Mcalister Road. The champion of GRA this year would definitely be getting the Ghee Hiang biscuits!


In Class OB ( 1501cc-1600cc ) the battle was between the two buddies sharing the Toyota Starlet of Ray Leong and Charlie Ling. Ray came out tops with Charlie and Ahmad Tabeh in 2nd and 3rd respectively. For the Class OC ( 1601cc – 2000cc ), Mitch took 1st in class with Aaric Ooi and Ken Erai following closely behind in 2nd and 3rd. For the production class which caters to the Novice drivers and stock cars, Abdul Halim in his Perodua Myvi took 1st in class with Jonathan Lim in his Proton Saga shared with Hafiz Isa taking 2nd and 3rd. It was a very close battle between the two drivers who exchanged fastest times. In the end it was Abdul Halim that took the split seconds to win by only a fraction of a second. He travelled from Trengganu that morning to compete in GRA along with Sharina Ramlie, the fastest female of the day.


GRA moves into the final Round 5, and it is anyone’s game to take the championships. Moving into its 8th year, this is the longest running grassroots event that is sanctioned and endorsed by the MAM. This series is highly affordable and runs timing sensors to the 1/100th seconds which could be the difference between first and second. Of course the GRA racequeens are always present to grace each and every race. Spectating is free, and for more information of this exciting race event do log onto . Any driver with a valid drivers license and a spirit of motorsports may enter. It is the first step into being a professional race cars driver.

Photos by iK & Alex Yeo


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