Motorcycle ‘Heads Up Display’On Sale


Published on February 21st, 2014 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Motorcycle ‘Heads Up Display’On Sale


Bike Systems’ Bike-HUD is not offering a satellite navigation feature, even though it is still in the beta development stage. However, if you’re into adding heads-up display info to your motorcycle riding experience, the Bike-HUD is definitely one of the options well worth checking out.

One of the cool things about the Bike-HUD is that the helmet module can be easily installed on pretty much any type of motorcycle helmet, with no modifications needed to either helmet or device. This means that the Bike-HUD can even be switched between multiple helmets, making it even cooler.

The Bike-HUD offers multiple data in the rider’s peripheral vision, such as speed, engine revs, turn indicators, gear selector and time. And now, GPS riding indications are added, as well.

Riders can choose between three modes: commuting, racing and touring, each with specific info delivered to the helmet-mounted display. The system is expandable with ICE (In Case of Emergency) monitoring, MP3 players, cellphones, or radio. The main module is an iPhone-sized computer which can be easily installed on the bike, and which also comes with an easy-to-use handlebar-mounted control panel.

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