Bridgestone introduces a new tire marking system for 2014 MotoGP


Published on March 13th, 2014 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Bridgestone introduces a new tire marking system for 2014 MotoGP


In order to meet the increasing demands from both race spectators and home viewer who wanted to know more on which tire options each rider is using, Bridgestone introduces a new tire marking system. The official MotoGP tire supplier also made this move as a response to the fact that the Factory and Open teams have access to different slick options during a racing weekend.

Until now, the optical marking system only pointed the softer option, but with no specific info on the compound used. Softer tires were marked with a white stripe, while the harder option was left black. The new system allows the easy identification of the specific tire compound be means of proper color coding. Each of the 4 options is to be marked with a specific color for the slicks, while the wet tires retain the old-fashioned marking system.

The Extra-soft, Soft and Hard options are marked with green, white and red colored stripes, respectively. The Medium tire is left unmarked, so it will appear as black. This marking system is expanded to the front tires as well, making things even easier for the fans who want to know more on what tires their favorite riders are using.

According to the new regulations of the MotoGP classes, the Open riders will always be able to choose a softer tire. In case Bridgestone decides to bring, let’s say 3 tires to a race, the middle compound will be available for the whole grid. However, the Factory teams will be able to choose between the middle and the harder options, whereas the Open riders can choose the middle or the softer tires.


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