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BMW X5 eDrive Hybrid Aims to Dominate

BMW will be releasing a plug-in hybrid eDrive version of its third-generation X5, in addition to its petrol and diesel variants. The eDrive X5 will use BMW’s 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which makes 240hp, mated to an 8-Speed ZF automatic and is rumored to use 100hp electric motor as a torque converter. The battery pack will be in the back of the car with a plug-in charge point located on the front left fender. Combined power output is said to be around 300hp with the electric motor filling in for turbo lag, as on the i8.


So while the electrified X5 might not be the fastest SUV on the block, it will definitely have quite an aggressive punch and should do 0-110km/h in under 7 seconds, despite its bulk.

The X5 eDrive will have three driving modes, Intelligent Hybrid, Pure Electric and Save Battery. BMW claims that the Save Battery mode will be most utilized. However, it’s the Pure Electric mode that really stands out. With it enabled, the car is capable of driving 32 kilometres on electrons alone,  making it the perfect around-towner. It can also reach speeds of about 120km/h in Pure Electric mode. Save Battery mode will restrict the use of battery power to conserve it.


The plug-in hybrid variant of the X5 won’t be some canyon carving monster, as the electric motor and batteries add about 225kg, but it should still handle more or less like an X5. However, what the eDrive version lacks in handling, it makes up for in low-end torque from the electric motors, far better fuel economy and a quiet, serene electric driving experience. BMW has hinted in the past that the average consumption will be between 3 and 4 liters per 100km.


Let’s face it, the X5, despite handling well for an SUV, still isn’t a sports car. It’s meant to be a luxury SUV that can still handle well enough, which the eDrive version still does very well. However, it has the added benefit of that electric motor punch and pure electric driving.

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