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Italian Govt Want Lamborghini SUV Built Within Borders

SUVs are some of the easiest cars to sell these days owing to their high ride and the perception that bigger = safer and better. Car companies have in the last two decades been rolling out SUV offerings that have by and large been easy to sell, and now performance car producers are taking their share of the market. Porsche’s Cayenne is seen as one of the most successful SUV stories in history even if there are still detractors who say it ruins the image of the company. McLaren, for one, don’t think they’re a good idea but Lamborghini sure do.


Their Urus SUV has been in air since the concept debuted in 2012, but they still haven’t decided on whether or not to give the project the green light. This could be in part because the company has set itself up to offer variations of just two cars at a maximum. Right now it’s the top-of-the-line Aventador and the smaller V10 Huracán. The decision to add a third, more mainstream model will be announced next month.


To help push the company in the direction of producing the SUV on home soil, the Italian government has recently announced €100 million in tax breaks and other benefits. Producing the Urus in Italy would open up thousands of jobs and help Lamborghini preserve its strong links to its home country.

Goodyear f1 650x85(DSF)

The Italian government will have a tough time though. Most reports have indicated that Lamborghini has been eyeing Slovakia to produce its Urus, since its German owners, Volkswagen Group, already have an established its Bratislava plant where it produces all of the group’s larger SUVs.


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