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Jaguar Tests Eye-Controlled Wipers

While the Germans have been competing to produce the prettiest headlights, over in the UK, the focus is on the opposite stalk. Jaguar-Land Rover has been hard at work perfecting eye-controlled wiper technology.


This isn’t the first time a European car company has worked on eye-tracking systems; Opel was reported to be working on a headlight system that tracked how far down the road the driver was looking to make night time driving a little easier.



This piece of tech from Jaguar-Land Rover however, will be used specifically for rear wipers. When they’re activated, rear wipers will clean the rear window intermittently, as usual. But whenever the driver looks at the rear view mirror, a signal is sent wipe it clear again. Of course, it’s not programmed to activate the rear wiper each time you glance at it, only if the wiper has been sitting idle for too long.

Goodyear eagle 650x85(DSF)

It seems like a lot of effort to overcome something that’s just a small button push away, but automation is the direction cars and technology is always headed. It does seem a bit more straightforward to attach the existing module that’s used for auto wipers on so many cars today at the rear instead of using this overly complicated system. But it is complex tech like this that sets luxury cars apart from conventional cars, and Jaguar-Land Rover are no stranger to complex tech.


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