Le Mans 24Hours, Clear 1 & 2 For Porsche 919 Hybrids


Published on June 15th, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Le Mans 24Hours, Clear 1 & 2 For Porsche 919 Hybrids

Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy

Mission accomplished: Porsche has achieved its 17th overall Le Mans victory at the 83rd running of the famous 24-Hour race in a perfect way with a one-two finish. Drivers Earl Bamber (NZ), Nico Hülkenberg (GER) and Nick Tandy (GB) won the coveted trophy in their innovative Porsche 919 Hybrid exactly 45 years after Porsche’s first overall win at La Sarthe was achieved. Timo Bernhard (GER), Brendon Hartley (NZ) and Mark Webber (AUS) in the sister car added the icing on the cake when they came home in second. Romain Dumas (FR), Neel Jani (CH) and Marc Lieb (GER) brought home the third Porsche 919 Hybrid in fifth.

Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy

No other brand has managed to win the world’s toughest endurance race so many times and is connected that closely to the myth of Le Mans. The previous win was also a one-two – back in 1998 when Allan McNish (GBR), Laurent Aiello (FRA) and Stéphane Ortelli (MC) finished first in their Porsche GT1.
Porsche 919 Hybrid (17), Porsche Team: Timo Bernhard, Mark Webber, Brendon Hartley
Matthias Müller, CEO Porsche AG said: “This one-two finish in Le Mans 2015 is such a fabulous result we wouldn’t have dreamed of. The entire team has done a great job over the recent three or four years and well deserve this success.”
Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy
Wolfgang Hatz, Member of Board for research and Development Porsche AG, said: “A one-two finish in what is only our second year is an amazing reward for the guts of our engineers regarding the 919 Hybrid’s concept, and the relentless efforts of our 230 team members.”
Porsche 919 Hybrid (17), Porsche Team: Timo Bernhard, Mark Webber, Brendon Hartley
Porsche only returned last year to the top level of endurance racing, attracted by the new efficiency regulations. In the brand’s Research Center in Weissach the most innovative car of the entire grid was developed. The Porsche 919 Hybrid has a trend-setting downsizing turbo engine and two energy recovery systems, which all together create a powertrain delivering around 1,000 HP. It works as a racing laboratory for the highest efficiency of future road going sports cars.
Porsche 919 Hybrid (18), Porsche Team: Romain Dumas, Neel Jani, Marc Lieb
At the 83rd Le Mans 24-Hours all the systems of this highly complex race car were tested to their limits. Because of the very tight competition, especially between the Porsche 919 Hybrids and the Audi prototypes, the race went on in qualifying mode twice round the clock. In qualifying the three Porsches did not only lock out the front of the grid with a one-two-three, but also set a new qualifying record for the 13.629 kilometre long track. The pinnacle was also the performance of the pit crew, who managed 90 pit stops in total and were significantly faster than the competition.
Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy
The winning number 19 prototype had started third on the grid, and for a short time at the beginning even dropped down the order to eighth before settling in sixth for a longer period. Of all things, it is the rookie crew that won the monstrous classic. Neither Formula One driver Nico Hülkenberg, who had the joy of being in the car at the most emotional moments of the race, being the start and the finish driver, nor Earl Bamber brought Le Mans experience with them. Nick Tandy, the third driver of the winning trio, had at least done two Le Mans 24-Hours for Porsche in the GT class. By doing super fast laps, staying calm but highly focused, the three of them drove a race with no errors and won it by their own merits.
Porsche 919 Hybrid, Porsche Team, Start
In the early stages of the men and machine stressing marathon the number 17 Porsche had been leading. However, a one-minute stop-and-go penalty at the end of the first third of the race dropped them back to fourth. Timo Bernhard, Brendon Hartley and Mark Webber kept their heads down and worked hard. With a consistently strong performance they made it up to second place.
Porsche Team: Earl Bamber, Nico Huelkenberg, Nick Tandy (l-r)
The crew of the third Porsche 919 Hybrid had a rather tricky race. Pole-setter Neel Jani lost the lead right after the start to Timo Bernhard. For some time the drivers were unhappy with the braking stability, and two offs from the track didn’t help either. Given that chronology of events, more than fifth place wasn’t within reach this time for the fast trio with the number 18 car.
Porsche Team: Nick Tandy, Earl Bamber, Nico Huelkenberg (l-r)
Fritz Enzinger, Vice President LMP1: “It is an incredible achievement to win Le Mans in only our second attempt since Porsche’s return. I have to thank this brilliant team that has been growing together over the last three and a half years. The Porsche board backed us one hundred per cent from the word go. It will take a few days to realise what we have achieved. I know that a lot of people have virtually lived for this dream to come true and have pursued it with the greatest commitment.”
Porsche Team: Mark Webber, Timo Bernhard, Brendon Hartley (l-r)
Andreas Seidl, Team Principal: “It is hard to find words because it is just so difficult to believe we have done that. It is a fantastic reward for the tough work the team did here on the race track and back home in Weissach over the last three and a half years. We knew we were a lot better prepared than last year, but no way could we expect this result. We didn’t benefit from any situations, but were on a winning level in every regard – be it the mechanics in the garage or the engineers doing the strategy. The pit stops were outstanding. The drivers were sensational. Congratulations to the three winning guys.”
Porsche Team: Nick Tandy, Earl Bamber, Nico Huelkenberg (l-r)
Alexander Hitzinger, Technical Director LMP1: “We are really happy now. It is an incredible feeling to win in Le Mans and one that you cannot describe with words. I am especially satisfied for the team, which has put so much passion and hard work into this project. We have achieved such a great development over the last two years and this one-two result is the reward for it.”
Porsche Team: Nick Tandy, Earl Bamber, Nico Huelkenberg (l-r)
Timo Bernhard (car number 17): “Hats off for what our mates in the number 19 car have done – great job, great race. We were doing well, but never made up for the delay that the penalty caused. Regarding my brief excursion into the gravel bed: Everyone has agreed that the slower cars stay on the racing line, but this guy decided to change his line without notice. To avoid contact I had to run wide and ran through the gravel bed. Nothing serious happened though, but this kind of incident can cause a lot of trouble. But that’s racing and the track is there for all of us.”
Porsche Team: Nick Tandy, Earl Bamber, (l-r)
Brendon Hartley (car number 17): “On the final lap I had tears in my eyes. We have all been working so hard for this result. Stepping onto the podium was a dream come true. It is unbelievable. I’m very proud that two Porsches have won. I feel happy for every single person here.”
Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy Porsche 919 Hybrid (17), Porsche Team: Timo Bernhard, Mark Webber, Brendon Hartley
Mark Webber (car number 17): “The guys in the number 19 car did a great job. All three of them were exceptional for 24 hours. Especially at night, the number 19 was quick. It is a big day for Porsche. We have had a smooth race, but in the end weren’t quick enough. Brendon and Timo did a great job. We are very proud for Porsche. If we can’t win we obviously want it to be within the team.”
Porsche 919 Hybrid (17), Porsche Team: Timo Bernhard, Mark Webber, Brendon Hartley
Romain Dumas (car number 18): “That is a great success for Porsche. Sadly, we didn’t have a good race with our car, because we had some problems. But the most important thing is that we proved that Porsche can win. That was the main target. For sure it was not easy for us. But that’s part of the game. This success is a big reward for all the efforts that we have put in since the end of 2012.”
Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy
Neel Jani (car number 18): “It wasn’t the race for the crew of number 18 today, but we finished and at least took some championship points with us. For Porsche this one-two success is just amazing.”
Goodyear banner dsf_650x85
Marc Lieb (car number 18): “This is a great day for the entire team and for Porsche. I am very proud to be part of it. Congratulations to the 19 and 17 crews. A one-two for Porsche in Le Mans is really big. We had hoped for more for our car crew, but it wasn’t our day. Nevertheless we will party tonight.”
Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy
Earl Bamber (car number 19): “It feels incredible. I have enjoyed every single stint. It is been a long, long day to drive in the evening and then again in the morning. I just had a very short break. But I am not tired at all – I am pumped up on adrenalin now. I thought I would have heard strange noises in the car. But, of course, you fancy every kind of noise if you are on your way to win Le Mans.”
Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy
Nico Hülkenberg (car number 19): “I enjoyed every moment, these cars are great fun to drive and then to be on a huge track like this one. The pace was really high, and not what you would expect from endurance racing. Especially at night when the temperatures came down a bit, the car was fantastic to drive. Of course, I didn’t think I would come here and rock ’n’ roll this race, this would be silly because there are so many challenges in that race. However, we did it and we did it together.”
Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy
Nick Tandy (car number 19): “This is such a fantastic day. It is hard to get it to sink in that I’m now a Le Mans winner with Porsche.”

2015 Le Mans 24Hrs RESULTS – 395 LAPS:

1LMP1N.Hulkenberg, E.Bamber, N.TandyPorsche TeamPorsche24h00m42.784s
2LMP1T.Bernhard, M.Webber, B.HartleyPorsche TeamPorsche1 Lap
3LMP1M.Fassler, A.Lotterer, B.TreluyerAudi Sport Team JoestAudi2 Laps
4LMP1L.di Grassi, L.Duval, O.JarvisAudi Sport Team JoestAudi3 Laps
5LMP1R.Dumas, N.Jani, M.LiebPorsche TeamPorsche4 Laps
6LMP1A.Wurz, S.Sarrazin, M.ConwayToyota RacingToyota8 Laps
7LMP1F.Albuquerque, M.Bonanomi, R.RastAudi Sport Team JoestAudi8 Laps
8LMP1A.Davidson, S.Buemi, K.NakajimaToyota RacingToyota9 Laps
9LMP2M.Howson, R.Bradley, N.LapierreKCMGORECA/Nissan37 Laps
10LMP2S.Dolan, M.Evans, O.TurveyJOTAGibson/Nissan37 Laps
11LMP2R.Rusinov, J.Canal, S.BirdG-Drive RacingLigier/Nissan37 Laps
12LMP2G.Yacaman, L.Derani, R.GonzalezG-Drive RacingLigier/Nissan41 Laps
13LMP2K.Chandhok, M.Patterson, N.BerthonMurphy PrototypesORECA/Nissan48 Laps
14LMP2M.Mediani, D.Markozov, N.MinassianSMP RacingBR Engineering/Nissan55 Laps
15LMP2E.Brown, J.van Overbeek, J.FogartyExtreme Speed MotorsportsLigier/HPD56 Laps
16LMP2P.Perret, I.Bellarosa, J.IbanezIbanez RacingORECA/Nissan58 Laps
17GTE ProO.Gavin, T.Milner, J.TaylorCorvette RacingChevrolet58 Laps
18LMP1A.Imperatori, D.Kraihamer, D.AbtRebellion RacingRebellion/AER59 Laps
19LMP2L.Roussel, D.Cheng, H-Pin TungPegasus RacingMorgan/Nissan61 Laps
20GTE AmV.Shaitar, A.Bertolini, A.BasovSMP RacingFerrari63 Laps
21GTE ProD.Rigon, J.Calado, O.BerettaAF CorseFerrari63 Laps
22GTE AmP.Dempsey, P.Long, M.SeefriedDempsey Racing – ProtonPorsche64 Laps
23LMP1N.Prost, M.Beche, N.HeidfeldRebellion RacingRebellion/AER65 Laps
24GTE AmB.Sweedler, T.Bell, J.SegalScuderia CorsaFerrari65 Laps
25GTE ProG.Bruni, T.Vilander, G.FisichellaAF CorseFerrari65 Laps
26GTE AmF.Perrodo, E.Collard, R.AguasAF CorseFerrari65 Laps
27GTE ProM.Sorensen, C.Nygaard, N.ThiimAston Martin RacingAston Martin65 Laps
28LMP2S.Sharp, R.Dalziel, D.HanssonExtreme Speed MotorsportsLigier/HPD66 Laps
29LMP2J.Nicolet, J-M.Merlin, E.MarisOak RacingLigier/HPD67 Laps
30GTE ProR.Lietz, M.Christensen, J.BergmeisterPorsche Team MantheyPorsche68 Laps
31GTE AmP.Mann, R.Giammaria, M.CressoniAF CorseFerrari69 Laps
32LMP2T.Krohn, N.Jonsson, J.BarbosaKrohn RacingLigier/Judd72 Laps
33LMP2M.Aleshin, K.Ladygin, A.LadyginSMP RacingBR Engineering/Nissan73 Laps
34GTE ProF.Rees, A.MacDowall, R.StanawayAston Martin RacingAston Martin75 Laps
35GTE AmH.C.Chen, G.Vannelet, M.ParisyTeam AAIPorsche75 Laps
36GTE AmA.Al Faisal, K.Giermaziak, M.AvenattiJMW MotorsportFerrari75 Laps
37GTE AmJ.San Chen, A.Kapadia, X.MaassenTeam AAIPorsche79 Laps
LMP2C.Cumming, L.Vanthoor, K.EstreOak RacingLigier/HPDRetirement
GTE AmP.D.Lana, P.Lamy, M.LaudaAston Martin RacingAston MartinNot classified
GTE AmJ.Bleekemolen, B.Keating, M.MillerRiley Motorsports-Ti AutoSRT/DodgeRetirement
LMP2N.Leventis, D.Watts, J.KaneStrakka RacingDome/NissanRetirement
LMP1S.Trummer, P.Kaffer, T.MonteiroTeam ByKollesCLM/AERDisqualified
LMP1H.Tincknell, M.Krumm, A.BuncombeNissan MotorsportsNissanNot classified
GTE AmD.Cameron, M.Griffin, A.MortimerAF CorseFerrariRetirement
LMP1O.Pla, J.Mardenborough, M.ChiltonNissan MotorsportsNissanRetirement
LMP2P.Thiriet, T.Gommendy, L.BadeyThiriet by TDS RacingORECA/NissanRetirement
GTE AmR.Goethe, S.Hall, F.CastellacciAston Martin RacingAston MartinRetirement
LMP2P.Ragues, O.Webb, Z.AmbergTeam SARD MorandMorgan/SARDRetirement
LMP1T.Matsuda, M.Shulzhitskiy, L.OrdonezNissan MotorsportsNissanRetirement
LMP2N.Panciatici, P-L.Chatin, V.CapillaireSignatech AlpineAlpine/NissanRetirement
GTE ProD.Turner, S.Mucke, R.BellAston Martin RacingAston MartinRetirement
GTE AmG.Roda, P.Ruberti, K.PoulsenLarbre CompetitionChevroletRetirement
LMP2G.Hirsch, G.Paletou, J.LancasterGreaves MotorsportGibson/NissanRetirement
GTE AmC.Ried, K.Al Qubaisi, K.BachlerAbu Dhabi-Proton RacingPorscheRetirement
GTE ProP.Pilet, F.Makowiecki, W.HenzlerPorsche Team MantheyPorscheRetirement
GTE ProJ.Magnussen, A.Garcia, R.BriscoeCorvette RacingChevroletWithdrawn
GTE AmM.Wainwright, A.Carroll, P.KeenGulf Racing UKPorscheWithdrawn

Porsche 919 Hybrid (19), Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg, Earl Bamber, Nick Tandy


Porsche Team: Timo Bernhard, Brendon Hartley, Mark Webber, Fritz Enzinger, Leiter LMP1,  Nico Huelkenberg, Nick Tandy, Earl Bamber (l-r)

Porsche 919 Hybrid (18), Porsche Team: Romain Dumas, Neel Jani, Marc Lieb

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