In recent weeks, media reports and publications by various institutes and org..." />Mercedes-Benz diesels are confirmed as regulation compliant


Published on December 17th, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Mercedes-Benz diesels are confirmed as regulation compliant

In recent weeks, media reports and publications by various institutes and organizations have repeatedly attempted to demonstrate that various automobile manufacturers illegally influence their vehicles’ emission values. Recent reports also refer to a product of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Daimler AG once again vehemently repudiates the inherent accusation of manipulation. Vehicles from Mercedes-Benz fully comply with the regulations applicable at the time of type approval. Recent reports refer to measurements by Bern University of Applied Sciences (FH Bern) carried out on a Mercedes-Benz C 200 CDI produced in 2011. The technology used in this automobile was certified in 2007. This means that the vehicle complies with the legally binding certification stipulations of the Euro 5 standard.
Engine E300 BlueTec Hybrid Mercedes E-Class Diesel
It is common that deviations occur in real driving conditions compared with the certified norm values. They result primarily from conditions different from the legally prescribed laboratory conditions, for example when ambient temperatures differ, the vehicle is operated under different loads or additional equipment such as air-conditioning or seat heaters is switched on. In order to scientifically evaluate the measurements carried out by FH Bern and to validate their repeatability, it is essential to have information on the conditions under which the tests were carried out. Daimler AG has not been provided with this information by FH Bern, however, even after it was requested. Furthermore, Daimler AG has no information at all concerning the history and condition of the tested vehicle.
Interior Info Cluster Engine E300 BlueTec Hybrid Mercedes E-Class Diesel
Daimler AG vehemently repudiate speculation or interpretations alleging that possible deviations between test-bench measurements and measurements made during real driving conditions can only be explained by manipulation. No defeat device, i.e. a function that improperly restricts the effectiveness of exhaust-gas aftertreatment, is used by Mercedes-Benz. Neither do Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a function that automatically recognizes when a vehicle is being tested. For several years, Mercedes-Benz has fully and actively supported the early introduction of the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) and the measuring procedure for Real Driving Emissions (RDE). Both activities have the aim of converging norm and real values as far as possible in the future.
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