Cleaner Diesel Fuel Gives Better Diesel Driving |


Published on November 1st, 2016 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Cleaner Diesel Fuel Gives Better Diesel Driving


Clean diesel fuel – containing 97% less sulfur. Using this ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) immediately cuts soot emissions from diesel vehicles and equipment by 10%. Reducing the sulfur content of diesel fuel is similar to removing lead from petrol during the 1970s.


Cleaner diesel fuel enables the development of a new generation of advanced engines and emission control devices that can’t operate effectively with higher sulfur content in diesel fuel.


Fuel combustion is the primary difference between petrol and diesel engines. Petrol engines ignite fuel with spark plugs, whereas diesels ignite fuel with compression. Inside the engine, the combustion of air and fuel takes place under pressure and heat created by compressing the air-fuel mixture so intensely that it combusts spontaneously, releasing energy, that is transmitted to powering the wheels on a vehicle, the piston’s motion and creating mechanical energy.


Advanced new technologies such as electronic controls, common rail fuel injection, variable injection timing, improved combustion chamber configuration and turbocharging have made diesel engines cleaner, quieter and more powerful than past vehicles.

At the end of the diesel explanation journey, on fact still remains, you need good quality diesel and with BHPetrol selling high quality EURO5 diesel in 115 stations nationwide, you can be assured of a great diesel ownership experience.

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