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Cub Prix: Akid Aziz and Shafiq Ezzariq Confirmed as CP115 and Wira Champions

The final round of the 2016 Petronas AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship came to a close with Mohd Akid Aziz and Mohd Shafiq Ezzariq confirmed as the latest CP115 and Wira Champions respectively.


In the intermediate class, Akid Aziz delivered the CP115 title to team Petronas Yamaha Maju Motor in spectacular style. Not content with merely picking up points, Akid blasted his way through the competition and arrived at the head of the leading pack on Lap 4. Akid quickly left his rivals behind and crossed the finish line 2.9s ahead of second placed Azroy Hakeem Anuar. Akid’s closest championship contenders, Mohd Haziq Mohd Fairues and Tengku Amirul Haffiruddin finished third and fourth respectively.


Akid’s second win of the season brought his total points haul to 151 and confirmed a fourth major title for team Maju Motor who had already won the CP130 riders and team awards as well as the CP115 team award. Akid’s team mate Haziq Fairues ended the season in second overall with 124 points while the early leader Tengku Amirul would have to be content with third overall position.

“I am really thankful that this weekend has gone completely to script. I did consider racing safe but when as the race began, adrenaline kicked in. When I saw the opportunity on Lap 4, I just went for it,” said a delighted Akid.


In the Wira category, Shafiq Ezzariq rode a safe and steady race to secure the 2016 Wira title for team Idemitsu Kozi Yam Racing. Needing only a top-8 finish, Shafiq shied away from all challenges. This allowed Mohd Qhuwarismi Mohd Nasir to speed ahead to his sole win of the 2016 season with a time of 12’56.030s. Saiful Azhary Muhammad and Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Norrodin also made it to the podium in second and third place.

Shafiq’s victory in the age-capped class made him the third Wira champion to emerge from team Idemitsu Kozi Yam Racing, following Khairul Idham Pawi and Harith Farhan Baharin. He won the title with a total of 187 points. Helmi Azman confirmed himself for second overall with 166 points and Qhuwarismi third with 128 points.


Finally, Ahmad Afif Amran won the very last race in the CP130 category as the curtains come down on the premiere class that will be making way for the much-anticipated CP150 class in 2017. The Petronas Yamaha-CKJ rider inherited his position when early leaders Kasma Daniel Kasmayuddin and local hero Ahmad Fazli Sham retired from the race.

Afif completed the 18-lap race with a time of 18’27.321s followed by Mohd Zaqhwan Zaidi in second and Abdul Muhaimin Roslan in third place.


The outcome of the Taiping leg has not had any impact for the top two riders in the CP130 class. Both Kasma and Fazli had already been confirmed for the top two spots. It did, however, finally resolve the race to third overall position which went to Norizman Ismail who finished fifth in the race.

The curtains came down on the 2016 season in front of a 60,000-strong crowd at Taiping. The national motorcycle series is expected to kick off its 2017 challenge by March next year.


Round 10 Petronas AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship:

1. Ahmad Afif Amran (TRG) Yamaha 18’27.321s
2. Md Zaqhwan Zaidi (SGR) Honda 18’28.537s
3. Abd Muhaimin Roslan (SGR) Yamaha 18’34.219s
4. Ahmad Fazrul Sham (PRK) Yamaha 18’43.588s
5. Norizman Ismail (SGR) Honda 18’45.942s

Overall standings:
1. Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin (JHR) Yamaha 178pts
2. Ahmad Fazli Sham (PRK) Yamaha 136pts
3. Norizman Ismail (SGR) Honda 108pts
4. Md Zaqhwan Zaidi (SGR) Honda 103pts
5. Ahmad Afif Amran (TRG) Yamaha 100pts

1. Md Akid Aziz (KUL) Yamaha 15’35.252s
2. Azroy Hakeem Anuar (KUL) Honda 15’38.205s
3. Md Haziq Md Fairues (SGR) Yamaha 15’55.336s
4. Tengku Amirul Haffirudiin (TRG) Yamaha 16’03.686s
5. Md Hafieenaz Md Ali (PRK) Yamaha 16’06.841s

Overall standings:
1. Md Akid Aziz (Kul) Yamaha 151pts
2. Md Haziq Md Fairues (SGR) Yamaha 124pts
3. Tengku Amirul Haffirudin (TRG) Yamaha 121pts
4. Azroy Hakeem Anuar (KUL) Honda 112pts
5. Ahmad Syukran Aizat (TRG) Yamaha 94pts

1. Md Qhuwarismi Md Nasir (PNG) Yamaha 12’56.030s
2. Saiful Azhary Muhamad (JHR) Honda 12’57.904s
3. Md Ibrahim Md Norrodin (JHR) Yamaha 13’00.311s
4. Md Helmi Azman (SGR) Yamaha 13’09.366s
5. Md Shafiq Ezzariq (SGR) Honda 13’14.458s

Overall standings:
1. Md Shafiq Ezzariq (SGR) Honda 187pts
2. Md Helmi Azman (SGR) Yamaha 166pts
3. Md Qhuwarismi Md Nasir (PNG) 128pts
4. Saiful Azhary Muhamad (JHR) Honda 112pts
5. Md Amirul Arif Ramlee (JHR) 98pts

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