Published on November 30th, 2016 | by Subhash Nair


Up Close and Personal with the New Corolla Altis and Innova (Thai Spec)

Both the new Toyota Corolla Altis and Innova will be available to Malaysians in mere weeks. But here in Thailand, we were able to get a closer look as the cars have already been launched.

First up, the Corolla Altis:

toyota-corolla-altis-innova-2 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-17 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-14 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-13 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-11 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-10 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-9 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-8 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-5 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-3


Next, the Innova (called the Innova Crysta in Thailand)

toyota-corolla-altis-innova-18 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-29 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-28 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-27 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-26 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-24 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-22 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-21 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-20 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-19

toyota-corolla-altis-innova-32 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-31 toyota-corolla-altis-innova-34

The specs and features of the cars will be slightly different from what’s being offered by UMW Toyota Malaysia, but getting some closeups may give you an idea of what to expect when they launch.


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