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BRABUS 850 XL Widestar based on Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 4MATIC

The BRABUS 850 XL WIDESTAR was developed based on the top-of-the-range model of the new Mercedes GLS-Class, the GLS 63 4MATIC.

The result is a supercar that could not be more characteristic for BRABUS. At the heart of the BRABUS 850 XL WIDESTAR is an eight-cylinder twin-turbo engine with a displacement increased to six liters. A rated output of 625 kW / 850 HP (838 bhp) and peak torque of 1,450 Nm (1,069 lb-ft) sling the exclusive SUV from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.2 seconds. The top speed is limited electronically to 300 km/h (186 mph).


The combination of newly developed BRABUS WIDESTAR widebody, naked carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components and tailor-made 23-inch BRABUS Monoblock “PLATINUM EDITION” hi-tech forged wheels lend the high-performance 4×4 an unmistakable appearance.

Just as exclusive is the customization of the interior with a BRABUS fine leather interior and newly designed BRABUS precious-wood trim, both crafted with consummate workmanship in every minute detail.


The name for this exclusive SUV comes from the BRABUS 850 6.0 Biturbo increased-displacement engine that produces a whopping 195 kW / 265 HP (261 bhp) more power than its stock counterpart. The recipe for doing so is as elaborate as it is tried and proven: more displacement translates into more power, and for this reason, the company hi-tech engine shop increases the displacement of the eight-cylinder four-valve engine from stock 5,461 cc to 5912 cc (333 to 361 cu in).

To this end, the cylinder bore is increased to 99 millimeters (3.89 in) and the engine is fitted with correspondingly larger forged pistons. A special precision-balanced billet crankshaft in concert with forged high-performance piston rods increases the stroke to 96 millimeters (3.77 in). In addition, the engineers optimize the two cylinder heads of the V-8 for mixture flow.


The engine bay is dominated by the BRABUS 850 intake module, which is manufactured from carbon and is specifically designed for the BRABUS increased-displacement engine. It is complemented by two newly designed air filter boxes with larger intake cross-section. Sophisticated carbon air ducts supply the intake with fresh combustion air.

Just as crucial for the phenomenal performance upgrade is the newly designed forced induction system: the engineers developed modified exhaust manifolds to fit the engine with special BRABUS turbochargers with larger compressor units. To lower the charge air temperature, the intake tubes and charge pipes are fitted with special “Gold Heat Reflection” sheathing that stands out immediately.


The increased-displacement engine also includes larger downpipes with a diameter of 75 millimeters (2.95 in), and metal catalysts. The last link in the chain is the BRABUS stainless high-performance exhaust system with actively controlled exhaust flaps for an active sound management. Drivers can switch between a throaty V-8 exhaust note in ‘Sport’ mode and a discreet whisper in ‘Coming Home’ mode at a touch of a button in the cockpit. The ceramic-coated tailpipes sport the BRABUS logo and stand out from the crowd visually as well.


The perfect calibration of all high-performance components by the BRABUS power unit engineers and electronics specialists is the result of extensive bench and road tests. The professional execution of all work ensures not only an optimal power output, but also a long service life beyond reproach. BRABUS vouches for this with the exemplary three-year or 100,000-km/62,000-mile BRABUS Tuning Warranty (see BRABUS Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated July 2013). BRABUS recommends high-performance lubricants from MOTUL.

The huge amount of work is reflected in unrivalled performance figures: a power output of 625 kW / 850 HP (838 bhp) at a low 5,400 rpm is equally a benchmark in this category of vehicles as is the phenomenal peak torque of 1,450 Nm (1,069 lb-ft), which is on tap on a flat plateau between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm.

As a result, the BRABUS 850 XL WIDESTAR delivers a performance on par with a full-blooded sports car: From rest, the SUV weighing in at more than 2.6 tons accelerates to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.2 seconds. Due to the vehicle’s weight, the top speed is limited electronically to 300 km/h (186 mph).


As an option, BRABUS also offers two performance upgrades to 464 kW / 630 HP or 515 kW / 700 HP (622 or 690 bhp) for the Mercedes GLS 63 S.


For purchase and tuning enquiries contact Naza Brabus at:

No 19 Jalan Penguasa U1/53A

Seksyen U1

Temasya Square Glenmarie Shah Alam

MY 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Seksyen U1 Shah Alam

Mr. Roger Tong

Phone:  +603 5562 8800

Fax:         +603 5562 8866

EMail:     [email protected]

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