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Published on February 21st, 2017 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Grab vs School Bus Transport

In my neighborhood that are plenty of school bus transporters and plenty of schools in a 4-5 kilometer radius. My kids school bus transport fees have been rising and with the recent price hike last month, many parents have decided to save a bit a money and use Grab services. Yes, the teenage kids are using Grab cars to get to and fro school and saving their parents some money.

The school bus transport fee can be as high as RM280.00 – RM300,00 per month and with Grab services at RM5.00 a trip with 2 trips a day for an average of 22 days a month this works out to just RM220.00 per month. A saving of at least RM60.00 a month.

I have decided to keep my kids with the school bus (giving the ‘auntie driver’ her income) and pay the higher asking price as I grew up loving the school bus social circle and I have the knowledge that my kids are actually going and coming straight back after school and not visiting some mall or what ever else.

I will instead save the RM60.00 price difference by drinking less premium drinks in café bars and franchise outlets and go back to the simple basic coffee shop. No loss for me here and my sanity stays intact knowing that my kids are safe.

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