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How to Clean a Laptop Safely

Buying a laptop with a white keyboard may seem like a great idea at the showroom, but it’s the same as buying a car with light-coloured interiors. After a couple of years, either you or your loved ones will get it dirty.

This isn’t a problem with lighter coloured things. ALL things get dirty. It’s whether the dirt is VISIBLE or not. So in some cases, darker laptops are in fact a lot dirtier and stay dirty for the duration of their use.

But here’s an easy way you can clean your laptop keyboard up. The first thing you should understand is that cleaning your laptop with water is OUT OF THE QUESTION. Just. No. Even distilled water can lead to problems.

Instead, go to a hardware store or to and buy yourself some isopropyl alcohol. 200ml goes for about RM8 online, but we’re sure you can find cheaper alternative in physical stores. Don’t worry, this isn’t haram alcohol, it’s denatured and not fit for consumption.

Also, keep the alcohol away from sources of fire. It’s HIGHLY flammable.

Fold a paper towel into a small square and soak it in the isopropyl alcohol. Run the paper towel around the keyboard systematically and firmly. Don’t push too hard or you may dislodge the keycaps.

Pressing too hard may also cause the paper towel to tear and lodge fibres into the gaps. So be careful.

This simple technique will get rid of surface level dirt and grime and make your white keyboard look a lot more presentable and cleaner too. The alcohol will evaporate within seconds.

Use it on the outside of the laptop too, if required. Ours turned out sparkling!

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