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Shanghai circuit to host 888-kilometre endurance race in 2018

On October 7th 2018, Shanghai International Circuit will host the SIC888, an 888-kilometre endurance event at China’s leading motorsport venue.

Aimed at the region’s GT and Touring Car teams, the event is certain to attract manufacturer interest as the global focus turns more and more towards China, which has very quickly become the largest automotive market in the world.

A co-operation between Shanghai Automobile and Motor Sports Association (SAMSA) and Shanghai International Circuit (SIC), promoter Nai Jiu, Motorsport Asia Limited and Yi-Hood Group, SIC888 is focused on becoming an iconic and important part of the annual competition calendar.

Motorsport Asia Limited – the region’s most established motorsport organiser – will be responsible for the sporting operations and is a natural fit with their success in promoting GT and Touring Car events in the Asian region for more than 20 years.

David Sonenscher, CEO of Motorsport Asia has been appointed as SIC888 Event Director.

“I’m honoured to be involved in the planning for the SIC888 event, a world-class endurance race based at Shanghai International Circuit – one of Asia’s most iconic circuits and easily the best race venue in China,” Sonenscher said.

“A lot of the leading motorsport venues in the world establish races which go on to become signature events whilst also serving as a showcase for the national sport. SIC, in conjunction with Nai Jiu and Motorsport Asia, decided they wanted to develop a product that would showcase Shanghai International Circuit the world over and make this one of the ‘must attend’ events on the international motorsport calendar – from there SIC888 was born.”

Competition will be waged between GT and Touring Car equipment, with GT3, GTC and TCR amongst those teams eligible for entry into SIC888.

The timing of next year’s event could not have been any better, in fact there’s no secret the foundation of the event is based on the Chinese affection for the number ‘8’ with the new project undertaking an 888-kilometre race distance.

“GT3 will attract all the major marques, and early indications suggest an array of manufacturer supported teams, such is the pull now of China on the international automotive stage,” Sonenscher explained.

“GTC – which suits cars like the Porsche Carrera Cup car, the Audi Cup car, the Ferrari Challenge car and the Lamborghini Super Trofeo – will attract another host of manufacturers who will also be looking to get involved.

“We’re in discussion now too with the TCR organisation to have an official category for TCR cars. TCR has 15 manufacturers involved in the series now so we’re looking at strong support from that category as well as some other local marques who will be entering in another touring production car category so we’re expecting strong support from that side as well.”

Ultimately the focus for SIC888 is success, and with an experienced team capable of hosting world-class events in the largest automotive market in the world, the picture is long-term.

“It’s a China-based, Chinese organised event with key support from an international organisation with the most extensive experience in Asian motorsport, but it’s very much an international race open to teams from all over the world,” Sonenscher explained.

“Shanghai circuit fully supports this event, we’re in a partnership with them and they’re 100% on board to see this becomes one of the best events in Asia. They’re also eager to push Chinese motorsport and reaffirm again Shanghai circuit as the most visible and successful circuit in China.”

Eligible SIC888 Classes;

1. GT3, for current FIA-Homologated Grand Touring Cars complying with FIA Appendix 257A

2. GTC for cars complying with the Technical Regulations included in Section D of the 2017 SIC 888 Regulations.

3. Sports Production (SP) for Sports Production and similar performance vehicles

4. TCR cars complying with TCR International Technical Regulations

5. Touring Production 1 for high power-to-weight touring productions cars

6. Touring Production 2 for lower power-to-weight touring productions cars

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