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Understand G-Vectoring Control by Mazda

Here’s the problem: Mazdas are fantastic, beautiful vehicles that are burried in a ton of marketing literature. ‘SkyActiv’, ‘Kodo’, ‘iACTIV Sense’ and now ‘GVC’. Last year, we showed you what some of this means. You can check out our compilation of SkyActiv and i-ACTIVSENSE videos.

Today, we tackle this question:

G-Vectoring Control or GVC is a technology that Mazda is putting in their new cars like the 6, 3 and CX-5. Some manufacturers, like Ford and Honda, will employ brakes on the inner tyres during a turn to enhance the car’s sharpness. This is sometimes referred to as ‘brake vectoring’. G-Vectoring is not the same thing.

Here’s what it is.

So as the video points out, GVC is not ‘performance’ enhancing directly, it’s more for driver connectedness and passenger comfort.

To see the effect, watch this video:

With GVC on, the passenger isn’t thrown about in the corners. Pretty neat! If you have a few minutes, you can watch the full range of tests that have been conducted here:

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