The Perfect Pit Stop?


Published on March 3rd, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


The Perfect Pit Stop?

The pit crew have the biggest impact on a Formula 1 race outside of the drivers, but it seems that many people have questions about what the members of the pit crew actually do.

Doing more than simply changing tyres; the members of the pit crew practice speed, accuracy and dedication – following strict rules and personal fitness routine, as any mishaps could cost the race. Each member of the crew is given a specific role, ranging from the ‘traffic light’ who shows the driver when its safe to drive off, to the ‘tyre gunner’ who loosens and tightens wheels. But they all have to follow specific rules of the pit lane, such as apart from drying or sweeping, teams are forbidden from improving the grip of their pit-stop position and having the responsibility of only releasing the car from its stall when it is safe to do so.


With the fastest pit stop on record being held by Williams F1, taking just 1.89 seconds – the pit crew take speed and precision to another level to help win the race.  Pit crew members are engineering graduates that undertake several personal fitness sessions and daily practise sessions to nail pit stop times and to ensure they work fluidly as a team.

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