Published on April 23rd, 2018 | by Subhash Nair


Why Doesn’t Grab Let You Schedule Rides to KLIA?

I was really glad to hear that Grab was taking over Uber’s operations in South East Asia. It felt like the underdog had won big. But the lack of competition is already starting to make the whole ride-hailing experience worse.

Earlier in the month, we heard first-hand accounts from friends and family of Grab’s servers not being able to handle the sheer volume of users in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Today, after weeks of not requiring their service, I myself have found a convenience being removed. Back when Uber was around one could easily schedule a trip hours in advance to the airport. Now, it looks like Grab has disabled the service.

So, now with an early morning flight and no way to secure a booking, I have to wake up EXTRA early and hope that there are drivers around willing to take the job. This never used to be a problem when there was competition from Uber. It’s not like there was a problem with this feature before. Looks like Grab is just getting lazy… unless they can offer us an explanation.

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4 Responses to Why Doesn’t Grab Let You Schedule Rides to KLIA?

  1. Cheah BL says:

    I’ve an early flight to catch at 4am at KLIA. Can I make a booking say 1 day in advance instead of trying to call half an hour before 4am hoping there is a GRAB nearby?

  2. Peter says:

    I agree! We just returned to KL on holidays, and discovered Uber gone. Since using grab, we have had a terrible time getting drivers. One time we waited 20 minutes at Pavilion before a driver was found, and had to wait an extra 13 minutes for him to arrive. This never was an issue with Uber. Same issue, need to book ride to klia at 6am… cannot. Hope I don’t get stuck with my children. One Star review for grab. Will look for other companies, the underdog shouldn’t have won the taxi war. I am no longer a promoter of Grab, but a detractor. Fix your game!

  3. Savin says:

    There is a MULA service which allows the prebook service. FYI.

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