Time to take advantage of a Plug-in Hybrid vehicle


Published on May 5th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Time to take advantage of a Plug-in Hybrid vehicle

By now we all know that the best time of hybrid vehicle is the plug in-hybrid. Unlike the traditional hybrid, plug-ins only use their petrol-powered engine once the batteries run out of charge.

These vehicles have a range of around 30-40 kilometers using only electricity before their petrol powered engine has to take over. So………Depending on one’s normal commute to work, some people can drive to and from work without using their petrol powered engine. …….So you can travel on just electric/battery power.

But to do this you must do a few things.

First……you need to make sure that your plug-in hybrid gets a full charge overnight at your home.

Second…..you need to drive un-aggressively on your commute to work…which means no hard acceleration, no high speed highway driving and no running your a/c at full blast…..well, your drive to work is in the morning and the temperature is cooler so you can keep the thermostat and blower at a low level.

Third……you need to be able to charge your plug-in hybrid at work…..there must be a charging point at the office car park to recharge your batteries.

Fourth…..your commute home in the evening has to be similar to your morning drive…..gingerly and without aggression on the road.

Think about it……if more people drove plug-in hybrids in the city…..we will have less road rage and calmer morning traffic because drivers will be driving with less aggression.

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