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You Win a RM50K Car and Parts Voucher. What Do You Buy?

Let’s say you won a very special kind of jackpot. The prize being a voucher that can be exchanged only for cars and parts (be they used or new). There’s also a condition that stipulates that you can’t resell the car for at least 5 years. What cars would be on the top of your list? Well, I know I’ve got mine:

The final Toyota Celica feels a bit like a distant memory now, but as a teenager I remember thinking it was quite a great option.

Today, prices for one with a 6-speed manual hover just under the RM50,000 mark. I wouldn’t mind toping up a little extra for one of those sweet VVTL-i engines too.

To me, the Honda Accord Euro R CL-7 is one of the best examples of a do-it-all car. It looks professional and distinguished enough for you to turn up for business meetings in.

Yet at the same time you know it means serious business. Today, this is a cash buy for just under RM40,000. Sure, parts won’t be cheap, but we still have RM10,000 left on that imaginary voucher of ours.

Before we get too lost in the realm of the Japanese sports car, I’d like to take a few moments to revisit a favourite of mine. This old German coupe is rare enough to turn heads, yet you see at least half a dozen listed on used car sites at any given time.

Yes, you may recognise it as the classic ’90s taokeh car, but look again – this is the 2-door version of the W124, the C124 230 CE/ 300 CE. Honestly, if I had a voucher for one of these, I wouldn’t fuss over the engine type – I would look for one that needed the least amount of body and interior work. Because parts can be a pain to even find.

Both the Toyota MR2 SW20 and the MR-S deserve a spot on this list. I think the SW20’s one of the best looking cars ever made.

But I also think I would end up smashing it into a wall if I’m not careful.

It’s also getting a little old now, so all those fantasies about long drives to the next town – I’m more likely going to spend more time making sure every odd sound is addressed by my mechanic.

The MR-S, on the other hand, is about as old as the Celica we mentioned earlier. Sure, most of them come with problematic semi-automatic gearboxes, but if one could be secured with the parts for a swap under RM50K, it could just be worth it. Might take a few years to get there though.

Finally, the most practical car on my list is also one of the newer ones. It’s the Swift Sport.

There are two generations to look at. The earlier one’s about 10 years old now, so those can be snagged for about RM25-30K. The newer version goes for just over RM50K. Either one works for me, though it’s last on the list for a reason. I just never had any strong feelings for the Swift Sport. It’s just one of those really awesome packages that has attracted my attention. Worth a voucher though, for sure.

Alternatively, if I were a Grab driver, I’d use that RM50K voucher on a Kia Picanto and just make a ton of money. Parts are covered under the unlimited mileage 5 year warranty. Fuel consumption of a 1.2-litre with dual variable valve timing won’t be bad. Tyres on those small rims will be cheap to replace. And it’s one of the few A-segment options with a refined 4-cylinder engine and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. I’m just saying, there’s a way to make money off of this “car and parts voucher”.

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