Tyre Shreds At Claimed 120km/h Speed On Highway |


Published on June 19th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Tyre Shreds At Claimed 120km/h Speed On Highway

This is not something you see often. A Fiat Grande Punto owner using a set of Continental MC5 tyres had a near accident recently when his front LEFT hand side (pictured above is the right hand side tyre) MC5 tyre with 60% thread ripped to shreds while he was driving at a claimed 120km/h.

Below are the details of the incident.

1. Fiat Grande Punto 2013
2. 205 / 45 / 17 MC5 all round bought new
3. Year 2017 tyres with 60% thread left
4. SG Besi highway at 120km/h and suddenly the said tyre burst
5. Time of event about 7.00 am

The question we need answered and what all other drivers need to know is,

  1. was this a road debris issue
  2. road surface issue
  3. or a tyre defect….which can happen as a one in a million product issue

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5 Responses to Tyre Shreds At Claimed 120km/h Speed On Highway

  1. Graham Carmichael says:

    Or just poor tyre maintenance?

  2. Jo says:

    Tyres seem to be mounted on wider than usual rims, as if it’s rolling on sidewalls. Maybe there’s some suspension issue causing a negative camber effect. Steel belt cuts the nylon ply to shreds..

  3. Dilbert says:

    That’s an MC6 Conti.

  4. Umedlal Patel says:

    Tyre air pressure should also be taken into consideration. I used my own tyre pressure guage as from experience noted that petrol station air pump gauges can be highly inaccurate. At a few stationsni pumped 30psi but my guage showed 55psi.

  5. Vestax says:

    So is your gauge calibrated? I have multiple gauges and all of them show different readings, + – 5 psi at 32 deg c which is alot.

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