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Published on December 29th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Cheaper maintenance very soon…….the battery powered vehicle

Recharging an electric car battery is as simple as refueling a petrol or diesel-powered car, it just takes longer….for now. You can recharge an electric car by plugging it into a conventional household power socket, though for the quickest times it is possible to install special fast-chargers in your car garage/porch/carpark.

There is also a growing network of charging stations for replenishing electric car battery life, though the infrastructure is still in its infancy……especially in smaller Malaysian towns but it is growing as plug in hybrid sales in 2018 has promoted its need.

So, here is an interesting fact that you need to know if you DO NOT DRIVE an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. A battery electric vehicle (BEV or just EV….electric vehicle) has far fewer moving parts than the conventional petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. There is no need for liquid fuels or oil changes. There is no transmission or timing belt to fail when you least expect it. In fact, most of the maintenance costs associated with an internal combustion engine has been eliminated.

When it comes to emissions and the costs related to recharging your EV or plug-in hybrid it is even better. Even if your vehicle has to be fueled exclusively by electricity generated by a coal powered plant, EVs have a better emissions profile than internal combustion vehicles. Not only is the overall emissions content lower, but the location and timing of the emissions are better. While a petrol or diesel powered vehicle emits pollution during peak driving hours in the middle of the city, the emissions from fueling an EV generally happens during off-peak driving hours at power plants in remote locations.

EVs are sophisticated and diversified, with many price and style options, but all with the reliability and power of traditional, petrol or diesel powered vehicles. A compact and quiet electric motor provides surprising acceleration, like with a golf buggy or a remote control toy car: 100% torque at zero rpm, without the negative emissions associated with most cars on the road. The future looks better……but not for the next 10-12 years at least.

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