Reasons why ride sharing drivers not making enough money


Published on December 19th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


6 Reasons Why Grab/MyCar/MULA/Dacsee are not making enough money

  1. Rising Fuel Costs

The first thing to consider is the rising cost of petrol. Drivers will find their profits take a major hit if they aren’t constantly focused on economical driving and as fuel prices rise with fares not rising.

  1. Insurance Costs

Then of course you have to think about insurance costs. Any business owner wants to minimize costs, but as an Grab/MyCar/JomRides/MULA/Dacsee/Diff/eevom driver, this might be dangerous. You are on the road much more than a normal car driver, and therefore at greater risk for accidents and the possibility to lose your ‘no claim bonus’ (NCB) in the first year of driving.

  1. Vehicle Maintenance Is Not Cheap

But probably the most overlooked cost of driving for Grab/MyCar/JomRides/MULA/Dacsee/Diff/eevom is vehicle wear and tear. For every minute your vehicle is running (even if it’s not moving) you are putting wear and tear on its components. Parts like belts, hoses, spark plugs and pulleys are all moving, even while the vehicle is stopped and you are idling the engine waiting for a client. Once you start driving you have all that wear and tear, plus the tires and brakes, which are the most commonly replaced items on a vehicle.

  1. Your Resale Value Later

Most Grab/MyCar/JomRides/MULA/Dacsee/Diff/eevom have forgotten about this. The value of your vehicle drops lower and lower with each kilometer you drive. So when you go to sell your car or try to trade it in years to come, those additional kilometers driven are going to drop the price of the car dramatically and the huge loss is often not calculated now.

  1. Medical Costs

Think about it….you are sitting in a car for hours and you might suffer from back issues and also fatigue…you need to visit a doctor more often than necessary. Grab/MyCar/JomRides/MULA/Dacsee/Diff/eevom   management does not have a medical plan for you and there is no coverage for spinal issues and mental issues.

  1. Data & Phone Battery Costs

You will be using your smart phone constantly as Grab/MyCar/JomRides/MULA/Dacsee/Diff/eevom driver and your data costs could be high. Also your smart phone battery will not last and then you need to replace your phone or battery sooner than expected. This is costs at the near end of the year of driving that is seldom missed.

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