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What will BMW Malaysia Bring in 2019?

We previously gave you our thoughts on Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s 2019 product launch forecast. This time we thought we’d have a closer look at how BMW Malaysia would be tackling the year. Many in the industry (including us) believe that BMW’s potential for growth is stronger in 2019 than it has been in the last 4 years. This is because many of their core models have replacements lined up.

All Important 3-Series

The first and most important update will be to the 3-Series. The current generation F30 3-Series has been on sale in Malaysia since March 2012. It would seem perfect for the G20 successor to be launched almost exactly 7 years later in late March 2019.

The real question is how BMW will package this 7th generation 3-Series. Will they go all out with equipment, give Malaysians a diverse range of models to pick from or keep things conservative and streamlined? At one point just a few years ago, you could get the 3-Series in at least 4 forms (318i, 320i, 330i, 330e). Today, you can only get the 3-Series in two forms (318i and 330e).

Whatever the case, the new 3-Series is bound to give BMW the sales boost they’re looking for. Early reports indicate that the G20 drives really well, so you might want to hold off on that C-Class or A4 purchase.

The LCI 7-Series

BMW facelifts are usually pretty subtle. Not with the new 7. Here, the kidney grille has been expanded to the size of your average porch gate.

Still, if you’re in the market for a full sized luxury sedan, you may want to wait for this. Prices may not be as favourable as they are now. That’s because the plug-in hybrid version on the facelifted model will most likely be a 3-litre inline 6 engine.

New SUVs

Another very important model in BMW’s portfolio is the X5. We know there’s a new model ready for production. The current model has been on sale here since 2014 and got a plug-in hybrid variant in mid-2016.

It’s doubtful they’ll be able to match the sub-RM400,000 pricetag of the current X5, but hey miracles happen.

BMW G02 X4 M Rear

We already have the new X3 in its CKD form. We quite liked everything about it except the way it looked. Perhaps a more stylised X4 be the answer. We doubt this will be locally assembled though.

Sitting on top of the portfolio is the new X7. This was shown as a concept just last year in Bangsar Shopping Centre, where BMW and Mercedes-Benz are currently waging an underground carpark war. Reports indicate that it will be on sale here in May 2019. This might be the largest, most cumbersome vehicle BMW has ever put on sale.


Well the 8-Series is already here, so we can scratch that off the list. But more exciting is the new Z4. This was codeveloped with Toyota’s new Supra and sports the same engine and transmission. Some say it’s better looking too, but we’ll reserve our opinion for now.

BMW Z4. It looks better from other angles.

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