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Geely CMA Based PHEV Launched. The Next Proton SUV?

Geely Auto’s highly anticipated sportsCoupe SUV, Xing Yue has just been officially launched at Geely Auto’s firstproduction facility dedicated to producing Compact Modular Architecture (CMA)based vehicles.

  • Geely Auto’s first model basedon Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), Xing Yue launched
  • The world’s first Coupe SUVwith PHEV option
  • Comes with three powertrainoptions; traditional ICE, mild hybrid, and plug-in hybrid
  • PHEV version comes in twobattery options with pure electric range of 56km and 80km
  • High performance 2.0T availablewith a record 0-100km/h of 6.8s
Could this be the next Proton Crossover?

The new flagship SUV model is offered inthree power options; traditional internal combustion, mild hybrid and plug-inhybrid, along with two- or four-wheel drive options.

As part of the Blue Geely Initiative whereGeely commits to electrifying its range of vehicles, the Geely Xing Yue will bethe world’s first Coupe SUV with a PHEV option that offers a pure electricrange of up to 80km.

6.8sfrom 0-100km/h – Powerful and Efficient – Made for Drivers

Geely Auto has utilized the world-class CMAarchitecture developed at the China Euro Vehicle Technology Centre (CEVT) inGothenburg, laying the foundation for Geely’s Global Industry 4.0 productdevelopment system. By using the industry-leading CMA, Geely Auto is set tolaunch new global products that meet the standards of luxury vehicles with thefirst being the Xing Yue.

Kicking off the launch of Xing Yue, GeelyHolding Group President and Geely Auto Group President and CEO, An Conghui said“As the leading Chinese auto brand, Geely’s goal is to fully participate in theglobal market and become one of the top automotive groups in the world. Inorder to achieve this goal, we will comprehensively implement our “GlobalRefined Car Development Strategy,” transitioning from the creation of China’srefined cars to the creation of world-renowned refined cars. Geely has enteredthe era of modular manufacturing and have developed four industry-leadingmodular vehicle architectures, BMA, CMA, SPA, and the pure electric PMA toensure we maintain an intergenerational leading edge for over the next decade.These cutting-edge core technologies will become the driving force for Geely tobecome a world-class brand.”

The Xing Yue is able to utilize a varietyof high-performance and efficient power train systems. Among them is Geely’shigh-performance 2.0TD four-cylinder engine which is based on Volvo Cartechnology. The 2.0TD meets the world’s most stringent emissions standards,including China 6b and Euro 6d, while offering a maximum power of 175KW andpeak torque of 350 Nm, matched with an 8-speed Aisin automatic transmission.This powertrain combination allows the Xing Yue to accelerate up to 100km/h in6.8s, making it one of the most powerful Coupe SUV on the market.

In addition, the Xing Yue also comes withnew energy power options, including a mild hybrid system or a plug-in hybridsystem that utilizes a 1.5TD and 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. The1.5TD engine and 7DCT powertrain combination was jointly developed by GeelyAuto and Volvo Cars. The 1.5TD has a maximum power of 130KW and maximum torqueof 255 Nm. The 7DCT has an industry leading transmission efficiency of 97% andcan shift gears in just 0.2s.

The world’s first Coupe SUV with a PHEVoption, Xing Yue comes with two lithium battery options, a high-capacity11.3kwh version and an ultra-high capacity 15.2kwh version. The high-capacityversion offers a pure electric range of 56km, combined fuel consumption of 1.6Lper 100km, and a fast-charging time of 90 minutes. The ultra-high capacityversion offers an extended 80km pure electric range, combined fuel consumptionof 1.2L per 100km, and a fast-charging time of 105 minutes. The plug-in hybridsystem increases the maximum power of the Xing Yue to 190kW and maximum torqueof 415 Nm.

The Xing Yue MHEV model is matched withGeely’s independently developed 48V BSG mild hybrid system. With the help of a48V motor, the 1.5TD engine starts faster, becomes more efficient, andincreases the maximum power of the vehicle to 140kW. The Xing Yue MHEV has anultra-low combined fuel consumption of 5.6L per 100km.

Redefiningthe Driving Experience

Thanks to the excellent chassis adjustmentperformed on the CMA and the application of precise control configurations, theXing Yue is able to achieve a balance between sportiness and comfort. The CoupeSUV uses MacPherson front suspension and multi-link independent rearsuspension.

Through the use of BorgWarner’s fifth generationelectro-hydraulic four-wheel drive system, the Xing Yue is able tointelligently switch between two and four wheel drive, which as an added bonusthat allows the Xing Yue to achieve better fuel economy than a full-time fourwheel drive model. Using an industry leading centrifugal electric hydraulicpump, the system is able to achieve a maximum torque distribution between frontand rear wheel of 50:50. The four wheel drive system enables the Xing Yue toperform well in any road condition.

Precise control is helped by a DP-EPSelectronic power steering system from ThyssenKrupp, with a transmission ratioof 15.7 and full turn radius of 2.7 rotations. An ASG intelligent variableintake grille helps reduce wind resistance, improves engine temperature controland AC heating system by actively adjusting the grille to improve vehicleperformance, fuel economy, and interior comfort.

The Xing Yue comes with 20 inch GoodyearEagle F1 Summer tires with a large 322*28mm front disc brake that gives themodel a 100km/h braking distance of just 35.3m.

IntelligentHumanized Features, Improving Users Mobile Life

The Xing Yue is equipped with a Face-IDsystem which automatically adjust the vehicle settings such as seat position,mirrors, entertainment system, etc based on facial recognition. The system alsoimproves driver safety by assessing and warning the driver of fatigue anddistractions based on their facial expressions, including blink frequency orfrequent yawning.

As with all new Geely Auto models, the XingYue comes with the latest GKUI Geely Smart Ecosystem connecting the occupantsto the world. The latest version GKUI 2.0 comes with improved user interface,intelligent speech recognition, and navigation. The GKUI can be accessed eitherthrough the voice command, the 12.3 inch interactive central infotainment panelor the digital instrument panel.

ComprehensiveIntelligent Safety

In terms of safety, Xing Yue inherits andimproves on Geely’s “safety identification circle” technologies. The Xing Yuecomes with 22 exterior sensors, allowing it to reach L2 levels of intelligentdriving with features such as ICC Intelligent Cruise Control, TJA Traffic JamAssistance, Full Speed ACC Adaptive Cruise Control, LKS Lane Keeping System,etc.

Parking has been made easier with an APAautomatic park assist system developed by Bosch, which can automatically scanfor parking spots and park the Xing Yue with a push of a button. Along with360° HD panoramic imaging system, parking has never been easier.

Helping keep driver’s eyes on the road, theXing Yue comes with a 9-inch large screen full-color HUD system displaying 9different types of driving information. The HUD automatically adjusts itsbrightness according to the environment.

Three dimensional safety is achieved withintelligent features such as AEB-P automatic emergency brakes with pedestrianidentification, RCW rear collision warning, SLIF speed limit identification,LCA lane change assist, BSD blind spot detection, DOW door open warning, etc.The Xing Yue is equipped to protect those inside, as well as outside.

Capturing“The Moment” in Design

The Xing Yue adopts a design concept basedaround “The Moment,” which draws inspiration from the dynamic moments in lifeand nature. Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the CMA, Xing Yue isable to have a shorter front and rear overhang with an aspect ratio of only0.87. The low center of gravity design gives the Coupe SUV a tense body posturelike a wildcat ready to pounce.

As a driver oriented model, the Xing Yueuses Geely’s newest all-black badge. The narrow and wide expanding universegrille is surround by a red rim, giving the model a sporty edge. From the side,a streamlined fastback style can be seen. The tail lamps are connected with astraight chrome strip making the model look wider from the back.

Inside, the Xing Yue adopts a driver-orientedinterior design. The asymmetric layered dashboard adopt a flying wing designwith a large central infotainment panel tilted slightly towards the driver. Thelayering allows for the placement of ambient mood lighting which changes basedon the drivers desire. In addition, embossed black air vents, origami inspireddoor panels, electronic gear shifts, and other unique details come together tocreate a highly personalized sporty driver centric cabin.

Speaking at the launch, Vice President ofGeely Design China, Guy Burgoyne said “Capturing “The Moment” within ourbroader “Accelerating through Time” design aesthetic, Xing Yue’s designinspiration comes from those dynamic moments found throughout the cosmos and innature. Fluid in its movements, a shape full of potential, and with extremecare paid to details, this is the premium Sports Coupe SUV we set out tocreate. We hope that you see the Xing Yue as not just a car, but somethingyoung customers dream of. When you’re in the Xing Yue, you’re in “The Moment.”

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