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Sustainable Development For Vehicle Batteries For China

Less than six months after the visit of JimFitterlin, global CEO of materials industry giant Dow Chemical, A. N. Sreeram, SeniorVice President and Chief Technology Officer of Dow, visited on a special tripjoined by Chairman and CEO Ding Lei of Human Horizons in the third “HumanHorizons-Dow Strategic Committee Cooperation Project PromotionConference”. Dow’s global management is impressed by Human Horizons’future-oriented “3 Smart” strategy, its fast-growing internationalteam and its new era of smart vehicle products. The two sides announced thatthey will jointly launch a new cooperative project to promote the applicationof environmentally friendly and sustainable innovative materials in futurevehicles and automotive batteries, and lead the environmental protection reformof the industry.

What prototype car is this in the background?

Chairmanand CEO Ding Lei noted that Human Horizons is a future-oriented company. Dow isthe first global strategic partner to cooperate with Human Horizons after its inception.It is not only due to the cooperation of R&D and application of lightweightand efficient innovative materials between the two sides. On a deeper level, thetwo companies share the mission and vision of changing the future of humanmobility and improving our living environment. This not only represents theresponsibility of Human Horizons to the society as a new force of China’sautomobile industry, but also the development strategy that has been deeplyrooted in the company since its inception to change the future of mobility andstrive to create a better living environment.

Sreeramsaid that Human Horizons future-oriented “3 Smart” strategy and thenew era of smart cars are leading the profound transformation of the mobilityindustry. Human Horizons places environmental protection at a strategic level,and the innovation of environmentally friendly materials is closely related tothe improvement of the environment. Dow highly recognizes the concept ofenvironmental protection development efforts of Human Horizons. Dow will fullysupport Human Horizons to replace existing automobile products with clean,environmentally friendly and sustainable new energy vehicles, and shoulder thecorporate responsibility of improving the environment.

On thesame day, Vice Chairman Phil Murphy of Human Horizons chaired the third ” Human Horizons-Dow Strategic Committee Cooperation Project PromotionConference “, CTO Mark introduced the company’s progress on research anddevelopment. Based on Human Horizons’ leading vehicle development capabilitiesand Dow’s innovative strength in the field of automotive materials, and on thebasis of previous research projects that have achieved results, the two sidesjointly established six strategic combinations: lightweight, structuralrigidity, environmental protection, interior and exterior decoration,ergonomics, noise reduction, sealing and heat conduction. Human Horizons’ firstproduction-ready prototype, which carries Dow’s latest innovations inmaterials, will be released in the third quarter of this year and is scheduledto go on sale in the first half of 2021.

At thebeginning of its establishment, Human Horizons entered into strategiccooperation with Dow. Dr. Yao Weiguang, Dow’s Asia-Pacific CTO, was invited toserve as a member of the International Science and Technology Committee of HumanHorizons. Kevin Chen, COO of Human Horizons, also became a member of Dow’sGlobal Automobile Committee. Following the two seminars held in May and August2018, the six major strategic cooperation projects will greatly promote theprogress of the automotive industry in the field of material innovation, which isalso an important step for Human Horizons, as a new force in China’s automotiveindustry, to promote industry change.

Lookingback on the journey of Human Horizons, in less than two years, the start-up hasdemonstrated global resource leadership of the relevant industries from theinnovations of the underlying materials, four-wheel steering hub-motor, EE architecture,dual redundancy, real L3 autonomous driving, programmable intelligentinteractive headlights and so on. Together with integration, Dow as therepresentative, and partners with open and innovative thinking and toptechnological strengths, Human Horizons will build a new era of smart cars andstrive to redefine human mobility.

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