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Bugatti Centodieci sold out at 8 million euro

Even before it can be test driven by us or photographed by our team, this car is sold out.

This new Bugatti echoes the former super sports car of the 1990s. “The challenge was not to allow oneself to be captivated too much by the design of the historic vehicle and work solely in retrospect, but instead to create a modern interpretation of the shape and technology of that time,” says Achim Anscheidt, Head Designer at Bugatti. Even sportier and more extreme than the Bugatti Chiron and Divo hyper sports cars, yet elegant and timeless like the La Voiture Noire, it is a one-of-a-kind Bugatti for the enthusiast.

“We faced a number of technical challenges in terms of the development and design of the Centodieci,” says Achim Anscheidt. The EB110 is a very flat, wedge-shaped and graphically quasi two-dimensional super sports car of the late 1980s. “Transporting this classic look into the new millennium without copying it was technically complex, to say the least. We had to create a new way of combining the complex aerothermal requirements of the underlying Chiron technology with a completely different aesthetic appearance.”

The flat, horseshoe-shaped radiator at thefront reveals its depth only from the side view, with the newly developed,deep-seated front spoiler and the three-section air intakes providing a perfectmatch. The front of the Bugatti Centodieci drops very low. The iconic Bugattihorseshoe has been reduced accordingly, while the Bugatti logo Macaron sits onthe hood, which is interrupted at the centre by a black element. “Thisallowed us to rekindle memories of EB110,” says Achim Anscheidt. Theoptimised front section with the extended front splitter and the airflowthrough the hood further improve the car’s aerodynamics.

The front is subordinated to the generallylow geometry of the vehicle, despite its original, predominant cooling surface.The newly developed, complex and very narrow headlamps with integrated LEDdaytime running lights provide the perfect match. Thanks to the newly developedlighting elements, we were stylistically free in the front and rear sections topay respectful homage to the EB110 while at the same time transposing this appealingvisual reminiscence into modern technology,” says Achim Anscheidt.

Instead of the graphic two-dimensional rearof the EB110 with its two pill-shaped tail lights, the Bugatti Centodiecirelies on a wide air outlet opening for more efficient engine thermals,bringing to life the flying tail light elements in graphic kinship with the EB110.It took several months to develop solutions to ensure a balanced temperature.As in the EB110, the engine is seen behind a transparent glass surface. Therear is formed into a single ventilation hole, characterised by the eight rearlight elements, 2+2 exhaust tailpipes positioned on top of each other in ablack matt anodised finish and a performance diffuser to improve downforce. Theoverhanging rear wing is permanently attached in the style of the originalEB110 SS. This increases the downforce. Downforce is supported by theaerodynamic tailgate and a laminar flow-optimised rear window.

16-cylinderengine now delivers 1,600 hp

Instead of the V12, the Bugatti Centodieci features the iconic 8.0-litre W16 engine with 1,176 kW/1,600 hp at 7,000 rpm. An additional air inlet in the area of the oil cooler reliably regulates the temperature of the performance-enhanced engine.

The Centodieci sprints from 0 to 100 km/hin 2.4 seconds, to 200 km/h in 6.1 seconds and to 300 km/h in 13.1 seconds; thetop speed is electronically cut off at 380 km/h.

“It’s not just the top speed thatmakes a hyper sports car. With the Centodieci, we once again demonstrate thatdesign, quality and performance are just as important,” says StephanWinkelmann. Compared to the Chiron, the Centodieci saves 20 kilograms ofunladen weight.

Among other things, a lightweightwindscreen wiper and stabilisers made of carbon are used. This enables asensational power-to-weight ratio of just 1.13 kilograms per horsepower.“The increased power and lower weight further improve performance – foreven better acceleration at high speeds. The Centodieci offers our customers animproved power-to-weight ratio and even more dynamic handling,” saysStephan Winkelmann.

The new paint tone matches this. “Withthe communication paint finish in white, we’re demonstrating a powerfulcontrast with the La Voiture Noire – the black car just presented in March: twocompletely opposing yet related forces, like yin and yang,” says StephanWinkelmann. He says that this was what continues to set Bugatti apart after 110years.

Naturally, customers can have theirspecial-edition Bugatti Centodieci painted in the Bugatti colour of theirchoice.

The small series, limited to ten vehicles(and already sold out) and handcrafted in Molsheim, France, will be deliveredin two years at unit prices starting at EUR 8 million plus VAT. After its shortperiod in Italy, Bugatti has now been back at its old headquarters in Molsheim,France, for almost 20 years. This is where Ettore Bugatti produced the veryfirst vehicles that bore his name at the end of 1909.

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