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3 Reasons Why The Proton X50 Is Not Ready For Launch

It has been spotted dozens of times around the country undergoing road tests.

You might have read numerous reports on the successful launch of the Geely Bin Yue, rebadged as the Geely Coolray in the Philippines last week. Then you might be wondering why it is not yet launched in Malaysia seeing as Geely has a big presence here right now and they have the Proton Tanjung Malim plant to assemble the X50 and deliver resounding sales success to its many dealers. 

Geely bin yue red
Geely Bin Yue side
Geely Bin Yue front

Well, here are 3 reasons why.

  1. The Proton X50 Crossover is still at least 5-6 months away from arriving in Malaysia as a rebadged Geely Bin Yue and part of the reason is because the Bin Yue was developed as a left hand drive vehicle and they will need time to produce a well engineered right hand drive version for Malaysia and the region. Phillipines is a left hand drive country, so no issue. 
  • The Bin Yue uses a high technology 1.5L Direct Injection engine, it might have some long term issues in Malaysia due to our low quality petrol. The X50 has been spotted testing in Malaysia in various locations under heavy camouflage, probably with a revised engine management system to cater to our fuel quality. 
  • The Proton factory in Tanjung Malim has been upgraded to start production of the segment hot seller, the Proton X70 SUV and production will be starting soon. It will need time to get the systems running to Geely standards before Proton can start assembling the next Geely product, the X50 Crossover.  
Geely Bin Yue gear shift
Proton X50 interior
Proton X50 cabin
Geely Coolray cabin

The BMA architecture is the latest global modular architecture independently developed by Geely with a high-degree of flexibility and scalability as well as the latest advancements in the fields of safety, connectivity, new energy, and autonomous driving. By using BMA, the Coolray is able to accommodate the latest and most advanced powertrains jointly developed by Geely Auto and Volvo Cars including plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid options.

BHP petrol

Safety Features Like Its Sibling From Sweden

Geely Auto has paid special attention to intelligent driving technologies in the Bin Yue with it reaching L2 level of autonomous driving with advanced driver aids that includes a smart 360° safety circle, raising the bar on the intelligent driving experience for compact SUVs.

ICC Intelligent Cruise Control is made possible through a combination of millimeter wave radar and high-definition cameras. ICC allows Bin Yue to safely travel at the driver’s desired speed, follow vehicles at speeds up to 150km/h, and even change lanes automatically. APA automated parking assist allows the Bin Yue to parallel park or park in lot with just a push of a button.

The Bin Yue’s smart 360° safety circle is made possible by the latest in Geely Auto’s G-Safety technologies. It’s a combination of the latest generation ESC electronic stability system, a unique AEB-P automatic emergency braking system with pedestrian recognition, BSD blind spot detection system, TPMS intelligent tire temperature and pressure monitoring system, 360° HD imaging system, HD driving recorder, and other safety features. The advanced suite of safety technologies has created a comprehensive smart safety net around the Bin Yue.

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11 Responses to 3 Reasons Why The Proton X50 Is Not Ready For Launch

  1. Boss this x50 SUV is 3cylinder engine and 1.5cc is under power u know or not?..price..price too low..u know? Dont play play Proton cannot sell well…??.

    • Dave says:

      BMW is also using 3 cylinder, and it’s 1.5 turbo, but still hope it’s not too much higher from China’s price… That’s suck as it is using Proton and suppose there is no import tax…

  2. ayamxxx says:

    Direct injection due to our fuel quality??? Hello even the current 1.8T also in this direct injection, same goes to 1.5T honda engine. All ok

  3. Franklin says:

    No 2 is obviously false and without basis. Our petrol quality are decades ahead in quality compared to china’s. They use E10 mostly in their daily life, the cheap petrol mixture, which have less burning energy compared to our RON95. The whole world is going along Malaysia’s route in oil and gas. Granted our automobile tech are lagging but its a totally different story with our petrol.

  4. Tsi says:

    Turbo Direct injection and dualclutch will give you 2 problems in the future..

    1) Carbon build up in DI engine as injectors not able to clean the intake valve, this lead to poor performance.. VW now offer RM500 Walnut Blasting to decarbonize their TSI engine, they know it’s a side effect of DI engine and it is additional cost to owners.. Unlike other cars with port injection that doesn’t have carbon build up issue..
    2) Dual clutch pads are wear and tear and need to replace every now and then.. dualclutch is meant for sports car and it is very jerky n annoying in slow city driving.. VW n Ford have bad experiences with Dualclutch.. Dualclutch pads can be expensive to replace due to parts n labour.. VW one cost rm2k..

    These are the things that manufacturer don’t tell you.. I owned a turbocharged DI with Dualclutch, these are additional things to take care that are not in your schedule maintenance..

    • Jeffrey says:


      Spot on. Most Malaysians have little knowledge on dual clutch n direct injection. In the end, they will complain that dual clutch is not lasting, direct injection tech is problematic.

      The issue is the maintenance mindset and education of how to maintain these 2.

      A lot of Malaysians thought that DC is same as a conventional gearbox, so their mindset of maintenance is to change the automatic gearbox fluid only. They are not told that DC gearbox is something like a manual GB, where the clutch needs to be replaced when it wears out.

      Regarding direct injection, I think Toyota does a better job, it has incorporated port injection with direct injection to eliminate carbon build up.

      • Rain says:

        Yet how often do you need need to change clutch plate for manual gb? Probably once in 200k to 300k km. While this is not the case for those DC GB. If it’s as reliable as manual gb persay than it’s fine, but too bad it is not.

  5. Megat says:

    Somehow quite agree with u on this point. Even x70 ckd which will be launch earlier with heavier body is using the 1.5t engine

  6. Boss..X70 already in market can sell…but
    X50 wont sell well..u know? too low.. no profit margin..u know? If X50 come in sure either X70 or X50..will live or lets die ..u know or not?
    X50 is 3cylinder 1.5…sure under power… Ha ha..

    • Mohd says:

      Please study horsepower and torque before you give a comment. 1.5 liter also used in civic. Also used in accord. This is turbo engine. It almost equavalent to 2.4 liter car without turbo. Even HRV has lower hp and torque compare to x50. 1.5 liter mean you pay less for roadtax. 3 cyclinder mean you have a better space for engine bay. Less part.

  7. Steven Siah says:

    Can understand your point 1 but don’t agree with pt 2&3. Our RON 95 is a higher quality fuel compare with E10 and I don’t think this is an issue. It’s not diesel we are talking about where quality is still not up to euro standards, but Petronas is upgrading their mcca plant to produce euro 5. As for tanjong malim assy plant, with their many years of experience in model change, this is chicken feed for the Geely tooling engineers to do the conversion? No?

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