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3M Window Tint For Our OLD Family MPV

We always look for original factory warranty product with a factory warranty provided

We have been grateful for the reliability of our ageing Nissan Liberty compact MPV and recently we decided that this 2.0L 7-seater needed a ‘boost’ in its looks and so we spent a little bit of money getting it some new tires, a good detailing job and then finally some new tint on the windows. Yes, the Liberty already had tint on all windows but after 12-years the edges were peeling and even worse, the material had become a little blurry which was not giving us good outward vision past 7 pm and the street lights are on and on-coming headlamps dazzled our vision.

It was time for a change and we decided on 3M window tint. The old tint on the Liberty came from the previous owner and we had no idea what brand it was, but it was time to be peeled out.

We have used 3M on our wife’s car 7 years ago and until today the tint is perfect and it has a 5-year factory warranty. We wanted the same tint, 3M Scotchshield™ Crystalline Security AutoFilm for our Liberty.

We checked to see where was the closest authorized 3M installer to our home online and took a short drive. 

With almost 99.9% Ultraviolet Rejection (UVR) protection with an effective Solar Protection Factor (SPF) level of over 1,000. The UV protection in this film helps reduce cracking and fading of a car’s trim, upholstery and carpet which is important for an old car that will remain in our family for many more years, while also protecting the vehicle occupants from harmful UV rays during mid afternoon drives.

The first thing to do was the removal of the old tint film. This was fast on all window except the rear window as the installer needed to remove the old tint carefully without damaging our rear demister.

Took them almost an hour to slowly do this and then it was time to thoroughly clean all the glass and remove any stain, glue, marks, etc to provide that near new glass finish. Then it was time to install the new tint film from 3M.

Installation should not be rushed. The 3 experianced installers took about 2 hours to carefully and neatly install the tint and then ensure all the edges were neatly ‘tucked’ into the edges. 

Then came the factory warranty (pictured above). We filled in our details and just an hour later the online warranty card with all our details and the vehicle details were messaged to us with a serial number which means we can transfer this warranty to a new owner if we decide to sell the Liberty. Well, we have had our eye on a newer MPV, but with this Liberty being so reliable and with no more monthly installments, we might as well keep running it until it retires with us.

BHP petrol

The price for a MPV this size with the best 3M has to offer was just RM2,800.00 with a 5-year factory warranty. 

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