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Should a Petrol Station be selling beer?

I’m not quite sure what the laws are concerning the sale of alcoholic beverages in petrol stations, but I do know that the practice has sort of wound down for good reasons as there have been many drink driving incidents.

I remember in the 1990s and early 2000s, it was common for family members buy beer there if we had visitors and not enough stock at home. But by the time I started driving in 2008/2009, the petrol stations in my hometown had quit selling booze at their marts. If there were still petrol stations that carried beer by the time I moved to KL for my studies in 2010/2011, I hadn’t noticed them. There were even certain 7-Eleven outlets that avoided carrying alcohol in some areas. Perhaps it wasn’t illegal, but just required expensive licenses, had more risks involved, or was observed as a convention in some areas.

But earlier in December, I noticed something peculiar at a Shell station. My friend had pulled over to get some fuel and I headed in for a can of coffee. Separate from the main fridges was a little ‘HESSTAR’ sponsored fridge. Naturally, I had to snap a shot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I don’t see the presence of alcohol at a petrol station as the same thing as condoning drinking and driving.

It would be careless to put the blame on anyone besides the abuser for his own poor decisions. And with how turbulent the future of petrol is, we’re sure the owner-operators of petrol stations are aware of how important it is to diversify and try new things. So, yes, this is fine by me. But what are your thoughts? I think keeping it in a separate fridge away from other refrigerated items is a nice step, but perhaps putting up “non-halal” and “21 & above only” signage would be wise steps for this business operator.

Mind you, this photograph was snapped in early December, and I’ve not had a chance to visit that station since. It’s also unclear if this store is allowed to sell booze past 9pm (like 7-Eleven, KK Mart) or not (like supermarkets, 99 Speedmart, etc).


Either way, prices are a little on the high side. But that’s at least partially justified as you’re paying for the convenience of buying beer while carrying out the errand of filling up just like buying at any 99 Speedmart or at KK Mart.

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